Friday, August 20, 2010

Extra Extra Info

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  1. hooray for Porno Birthday ^_^

  2. BritishHobo, re: #92 Thanks for the apology. Your initial post was so convoluted, I had to read it twice just to be sure you were actually calling me a twat! 🙂

  3. I try. That way if somebody gets offended I can just pretend I was insulting somebody else.

  4. mass has a large member in his rear requiring extrication?

    I don’t think so, alord.

    But in the “spirit of tolerance and mutual appreciation”, I’ll say I have much fondness for the both of you.

  5. In the spirit of tolerance and appreciation, I pity you hapless bunch of convictionless, spineless layabouts. As I was scanning these lazy comments the field of yellow blobs from 86 to 94 made me gag. And your porno birthday crap is just one example of the way you worship degradation, sloth, and big herpes infected wangs at the expense of your sense of justice and positively-slanted greed.

  6. And defectiveuse, as you lack the intelligence to understand anything I say, please just dismiss my comment as trolling and carry on in your merry porno birthday crappy way.

  7. Zoe is rather dull and unimaginative…try sneezing a jam rag IN Zoe, then you boast about it!

    Scott is clearly incorrect in his assumption that he is the unluckiest fellow in the whole of Willetton, he has clearly not counted either of his parents, his best mates and basically any poor fucker who has the misfortune to know his acquaintance.

  8. Fuck me – It’s Monday, I have man-flu, have smoked too much cheeba, drunk too much alcohol and I am greeted by this emoticon overload.

    Not cool people, not cool at all. You’re all twats/twits.

  9. Awww look, I have fan.

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