Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Neither Can the Neighbors


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  1. doosh bagg, I’m trying to friend you, but those links posted above go nowhere. has something happened on facebook too, to prevent jason’s monster fail epidemic from spreading? it’s too late for that, as others have said, google cache and screen grabs exist. but i’d like to join the group 😀

  2. I was logged into it just now, it’s up and running. Did you try searching by my email address? Hmm….

    I’ve not gotten any friend requests on there yet, but I’ve been able to add people I requested.

  3. By the way, if you email me at my yahoo address with your info, I can send an add request for you, if you can’t find me.

  4. Nothing works… even tried searching for your email.

  5. That’s so odd Chip. I did a search from my regular acct and I see it.

  6. I figured out why! It should now be searchable by everyone. It was set on just friends.

  7. Why is the account closed? That way you have to be friends with the Doosh Bagg to see anything. I want to send it to my friends to see, and also, I don’t want J Doosh Bagg in my friends list

  8. Suing people for telling the truth about you makes you look petty and small and stupid. Exposing petty small and stupid people is what this site is about. Ergo, continue.

    As for Kaitlin, I doubt the lulz are because someone she knows was in jail. The lulz are that she saw fit to tell everyone on her contacts list about it.

  9. It’s the website comment “Neither Can the Neighbors” that’s lame, not that sincere statement.

    Do you really think that people that’ve been in Jail are all dangerous and crazy? Don’t they have the chance to start a new life? Are they condemned to be the society’s shame?

    Well … if you think so, YOU are lame.

  10. Do you really think you need to capitalize “jail”? Is that a name brand?

  11. @Ahmed It’s reasonable to assume that someone who’s been in jail is more capable of acts considered by society to be unacceptable than someone who hasn’t been in jail.

    But I see where you’re coming from. It’s not nice to put people in boxes. Big, metal boxes with bars on the windows.

  12. he was caught selling heroin, he was a drug addict.
    it’s fucking hilarious..not that he was incarcerated, but that she felt the need to share it with the world..get over it.

  13. Think about it people, she probably misses her dad, I would too. I don’t have a dad tho. he went to jail cause he wuz caught sellin heroin, there are a lot of crimes worse than that. even if he was a killer, he’s her dad, so she probably would miss him, why is this even on here?

  14. A lot of the lamebook stuff brings teh lulz, but this one doesn’t.

    I don’t think there’s anything lame about a kid missing her dad, and the idea that his family should be trying to hide the fact he’s been in jail says more about the people who actually believe that than about the family. Then again, I guess if you have never made a mistake in your life, it must be easier to sit in judgement over people who have… 😛

  15. Cant wait to see my daddy !!! He gets out thursday !!! lmao

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