Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beer Wrong

Beer Wrong

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  1. Yup, this is why we will win the SEC.

  2. NOOB

  3. his friends were setting him up for this fail.

  4. This looks like a still from a niche porn video.

  5. Someone could explain ? Please ?

  6. Simple. He’s retarded… he’s from Georgia.

  7. You Americans are just weird.

  8. bless his heart, he’s still learning.

  9. whats the problem here ? i`m strongly indifferent to this

  10. You’re doing it wrong.

  11. Is this at a Red Roof Inn?

  12. fail.

  13. After a few of these I’m sure I can see how it happens

  14. This is a party foul to no degree

  15. The lesson our friend in the photo just learned is to make sure to wipe your frat brothers’ semen off your forehead before doing beer bongs…

  16. Naturally Georgia would have a Jizz Bong.

  17. I know they’re Bulldogs fans, but at least 2 operate at a functioning IQ, seeing as that explains why they’re about 7 feet away from their “friend” when he’s doing such a harmless beer bong.

    Either that or the bong is full of semen. CHUG CHUG!

  18. Dumbass.

  19. This is an old picture that’s been around the internet for years. Way to get duped, Lamebook.

  20. thats a fun party picture! 😀

  21. Uga is better than your shit hole school- you probably don’t even go to school and work at burger king… Northerners, ftl


  23. come on liz, quit making southerners look stupid, again. Oh, that’s right you can’t help it.
    About the only school UGA is better than is ECU, and that’s not saying much.

  24. You americans (especially southerners) are strange indeed. Anyone ever tried a whisky funnel? Beer bongs are for pussies!

  25. The South, shall in fact, not rise again.

  26. FAIL

  27. Im with Boz on this

  28. This is very, very badly photoshopped.

  29. Oktoberbukkakefest

  30. This is one reason why Georgia sucks so much! They’re all idiots!

  31. FAKE.

  32. I’m with Flip on this.

  33. I don’t see anything wrong with this photo. I always thought ‘head’ from beer was when you put it in too quickly, thus causing a frothy substance to come out at the top. Sometimes it just comes out so suddenly that it gets all over someone’s face.

  34. For the people who “don’t see what’s wrong”, take a closer look, and you’ll notice the STREAM OF BEER POURING DOWN FROM THE TOP OF THE FUNNEL ONTO THE RETARD’S FACE. The picture is an embodiment of fail because:

    (1) The idiot doing the beer bong tilted it, resulting in him getting beer (and metaphorical egg) on his face;
    (2) The idiots who filled the beer bong obviously filled it to the brim, making (1) a foregone conclusion.

    That’s why he has foam all over his forehead. I’m aware that the purpose of this site is to highlight stupidity/wrongness on Facebook, but there’s an alarming amount of stupidity in the people who make comments on this site.

  35. What planet are you from where beer pours sideways instead of down?

  36. I hope this wasn’t the first drink of the day

  37. This wouldn’t have happened if he were an LSU fan!

  38. Amen sister! GEAUX TIGERS!!


  40. Beer funnel FAIL.

  41. I am officially ashamed that I go to UGA. If the drinking wasn’t bad enough, now they’re doing it wrong!

  42. I seriously hope these are UGA students and not just fans….because if they are just fans, then I am ashamed to be associated with these idiots. However, if they are UGA students, then they’re probably frat boys….and then this picture will make perfect sense.


  44. Well, it doesn’t take an engineer to figure out a beer bong… oh, wait, maybe it does. 😛 (Go Jackets!)

  45. haha georgia fans are retarded

  46. And that’s why UGA is that “party school” for losers, and GATech is for the “Geeks” who are smart enough to at least know how to use a funnel appropriately.

  47. I would like to send out a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to the following:
    Helen Keller
    Tebong (ironic name, considering the picture)

    Have a fucked day!

  48. Oops, sorry zachunk, didn’t mean to leave you out…FUCK YOU!

  49. I second ianswer911.

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