Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Under the InFLUence


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  1. she had a dose of nyquil, and then after she drank it her boyfriend told her he mixed a shot of whisky/whatever in with it to help her sleep. she pukes. she’s just no good at constructing sentences. and this isn’t lame. just boring.

  2. He fucked her in the ass

  3. hahahahahaha 😀 oh wait…why am I laughing?!

  4. i think she’s saying that when her boyfriend told her there was alcohol in it, it was cause he put it there.

  5. that bitch is stupid as fuck.

  6. See, I thought she was just using the Nyquil thing as a random opportunity to chastise her friends about their constant drinking/being drunk.
    But I wasn’t sure. So I read the comments to see what you guys thought.
    And realized you’re clueless too.

  7. I still don’t get it.

  8. “my boyfriend told me that there’s a little bit of alcohol in it to help me sleep.” He added alcohol to knock her out. SURPRISE!

  9. Maybe I’m thinking too grade school on this, but as a kid we used to say “read between the lines” when we held up our middle three fingers. In other words, my outer fingers are “the lines” and I’m flipping you off.

    I agree with someone else who suggested she just felt dumb and wanted to respond with something that made her seem like she “gets it”. Or that her boyfriend drugged her.

  10. @Slice I was looking forward to fucking your shit up royally for your complete fail – but then I saw your almost immediate correction. If only I had been her during that crucial 30-second window and could type 240 words per minute!

  11. Yes. It reads much easier if you see it as “there’s alcohol in the dose of Nyquil he gave me” rather than “there’s alcohol in Nyquil in general”.

  12. orrrr….maybe she’s an idiot because she took the regular dose of nyquil because she was sick and then assumed it was the tiny bit of alcohol in the nyquil that made her feel crappy and dizzy, rather than her illness.

  13. mona is a cunt. eat a dick you stupid bitch

  14. I’m still confused seeing as I don’t know which theory to go with. .__.”

  15. Im as confused as everyone else. This is a Mona win.

  16. Maybe she swallowed his jizz (Nyquil)after he had a few drinks, so the liquor came out as he “came”. I guess he had to much cum alcohol level, te he. I’m a pervert.

  17. too*

  18. Maybe it’s possible that her illness meant she could handle that bit of alcohol, and so she felt even worse in the morning, which made her think that’s a hang over because she had never had one before?

    That’s my theory, but really…I think mona is a bit of a dumb shit…

  19. Couldn’t**

  20. my theory is that when her bf told her alcohol would help her sleep- she got legitimately drunk to sleep better.

  21. I agree with 48 and 52. She was joking by saying that she entrusted her boyfriend with giving her medicine, that he’d told her to anticipate drowsiness as a side effect when really he’d hit her with a tasty helping of rohypnol, causing her to mistakenly interpret its side effects as those of the Nyquil when really she’d been shagged whilst unconscious. Of course, she was veiling the joke (quite effectively, as everyone’s evidenced here) by only revealing it in subtext or, to reference Mona herself, only by “reading between the lines”.

    Tenuous at best, if you ask me.

  22. I think she knows she\s a moron and just said “read between the lines” to leave the person who made fun of her, in the dark..LMAO Loser.

  23. She thinks he meant that he added a little bit of alcohol to it. And she is telling the friend to ‘read between the lines’ to note that. That’s what I get out of it…

  24. OMG idiots, she’s just a teenager who has never been drunk before and thought that when she got drowsy off the cold medicine, it was the same as being drunk. does no one remember what it was like the first time they got drunk/high?? She thinks a small amount of alcohol (i.e. 2%) is enough to get you drunk. and she clearly thinks “read between the lines” means “you don’t get it and aren’t cool enough to even begin to understand”.

  25. obviously she thought she could get drunk off nyquil and drank the whole bottle
    read between the lines dumbshits

  26. I think she’s trying to say he spiked it, on top of all the junk that is already in it. So the dizziness is the feeling of mixing nyquil with boone’s farm or whatever 14 year olds are drinking nowadays.

  27. can’t believe how 90% of the people that responded to this are dumb shits. people have explained what happened and you dumb fu(ks still don’t get it. her bf screwed while she was knocked out.

  28. This is only so that post #77 isn’t the last one, and therefore the one displayed on the main page.
    You’re an idiot, Wayne.

  29. lol wayne i didn’t know that, thanks for clairifying it 2 me buddy 🙂

  30. I’m pretty sure she was just telling him to f*ck off. Like read between the lines…and see a middle finger? That old joke? Yeah.

  31. LOL !

  32. The “Nyquil” is definitely sperm/sex. She tried it for the first time and can’t understand why other girls “like” it.

  33. This one was a real noodle-scratcher, but I think I figured it out (finally!) Most of y’all were overthinking it.

    “when I took my first dose” implies that she drank more than one dose. Since she didn’t directly say this, and only *implied* it, Albert understood her to be saying she got drunk off of one dose. Her “read between the lines” response is her way of saying “okay, I know I was being a bit abstract and indirect because I didn’t say I drank a whole bottle of Nyquil, but if you put 1 (first dose) + 1 (drunk) together you’ll figure out that’s exactly what I did.”

  34. By the way, kudos to Mona and Albert for being the only entries in Lamebook with perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  35. PoorTalisman, this is not perfect punctuation. She should’ve typed, ‘No, read between the lines.)

  36. Her boyfriend mixed in alcohol with her NyQuil and told her that that was how it’s supposed to be.

    Duh :3

  37. you guys are idiots if you cant figure this out

    nyquil when mixed with alcohol messes you up more….doubles your drunk so to say. will also put you in a “coma” for 12 hours…you’ll be well rested with green teeth

    you could have 2 beers and a shot of nyquil and be stumbling is all i’m saying.

    it also kills your liver twice as fast

  38. Denis Leary: Capital “N”, small “y”, BIG FUCKING “Q”!!!!!!! I love that fuckin “Q”!!!!

  39. It’s settled,
    This is the Da Vinci Code of lamebook.

  40. i regret ever reading this… i regret even more thinking that the solution to this maddening riddle could be found in the user comments..

  41. There are two versions of NyQuil out these days. The kind with alcohol, and the kind without. She took the kind with, apparently not realizing that it was the, “…so you can sleep…” variety, until her boyfriend pointed it out. However, why she continued taking more and more is a puzzle.

    So no, it’s unlikely her boyfriend spiked her NyQuil, seeings how they spell it pre-spiked now adays.

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