Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cuntry Girl


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  1. For some apparent reason, I find this being lame, lame.. LOL!

  2. Proof positive that abortions should be legal as well as genetic tests for fetuses. Could have saved Bailey’s parents a lot of trouble here.

  3. Airhead. She should tape her fingers together and throw her keyboard out

  4. I didn’t need to read further after “country out the ass”

  5. boogaloodownbroadway

    “i’m pretty random. get over it”

    Already have…….

  6. this is the kind of ass-backwards girl that gives the rest of us living in the south a bad name…in high school i wouldve hated her. guess that was why i was an ‘outcast’ but i also have a lot more friends and fun…than this sterotypic girl…i hate her and id beat her ass… bc im a tough bitch…haha…now i feel like im writing her rivals about me…

  7. This one will probably be seen on Jerry Springer SOMETIME in the future.

  8. My favourite part: ‘Love me or hate me. I could care less.’
    Close, darling. Close.

  9. I know so many girls exactly like this bitch. If they’re all so “country”, can they go to a farm somewhere and get killed by a stampede of cows?

  10. honestly, she’s not as bad as a lot of these ghetto-ass shaneequalehas we get on here.

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