Saturday, December 26, 2009

Keys Open Drawers


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  1. OMG!!!!!!.. wahahahhaha 😀
    where’s the key!!

  2. lolol this picture is perfect. Thanks for not obscuring the “innocent” smile.

  3. Oh Lamebook, I remember seeing this picture circa 1908 on a little site named Photobomb. Step up your game, mister.

  4. Yeah, this photobomb’s been around forever! C’mon Lamebook!

  5. unlike summer and tenfold, i have not spent the majority of yesteryear trolling photobomb. so, lamebook, from those of us who do things in the real world instead, thanks for posting this because i LOL’d.

  6. LMFAO! I hope that dude never finds his keys 😛 And thanks for not blurring out his entire name. I’m off to add him as a friend on Facebook!

  7. @backbeatrhytm

    You don’t have to be a troll or not have a life to have already seen this photo. I have a job, I go to college, I have fun with friends and I’m hardly online, yet, I’ve seen this photo a long, long time ago.

    So, I think you just have no fun on the internet if you’ve yet to see this photo. It isn’t like lamebook can keep you entertained forever, so you browse other sites (or in your case, you don’t), and find more fun.

    This photo still makes me laugh. Hahaha

  8. Oh yeah, they didn’t blurr the guy’s last name out. Oooo

  9. I love this, and I’ve not seen it before either. Encore!

    And as for the Photobomb people, don’t blame Lamebook. Blame Aaron Dunn.

  10. lol… whether you’ve seen it before or not, it’s funny.

    It’s not lamebook’s fault people, we can’t expect them to know EVERYTHING that’s posted on other sites, especially when someone else posts it as their own (or maybe it’s actually his photo, I don’t know)

    I saw a post from lamebook on another site, yet I managed to resist the urge (that some of you seem to have) to say “boring, this was on Lamebook, like sooo long ago.”

    so people, can we get over the fact that not EVERYTHING will be original, just as people will always quote other people but claim it to be theirs. So let’s lay off Lamebook slander eh?
    Besides, it’s the Douchebags that Submit it, not Lamebook itself.

    End of rant.

  11. haha you go KAOSS! lol I <3 your rant 😀

  12. @Kaoss

    You forgot to mention that a lot of people won’t have seen it until it’s on Lamebook (or vice versa on other sites). This was my first time seeing it, for example. :3

  13. Rhosauce,
    What? I didn’t mention people who wouldn’t have seen it? I know, because I am not talking about people who haven’t seen it. I am talking about the idiots that are complaining that they have seen it.

    So either you’ve misunderstood what I meant, or I misunderstood what you meant. Either way, I know what I meant.

  14. I didn’t even know that a site named Photobomb existed, showing that it doesn’t kill to leave the ranters alone too. We can’t expect the ranters to not think that lamebook™(just realised that it’s a lower-case-L) knows everything.

    Both sentences above are compliments.

  15. It always amazes on how shameless some people can be.

  16. Cargo shorts are such a crime against humanity.

  17. This picture has been going around the internet for several years. That doesn’t make it less funny, but it _does_ make Aaron lame for downloading it onto his phone and then uploading it from the phone to Facebook in an attempt to make it look like he took the picture. Maybe therein lies the lameness for the lamebook mods, ranters?

  18. Kaoss – I meant it as further evidence to support your frustration at the idiots. They seem to think that if they’ve seen it, the rest of the internet must have also. I think I just failed to express myself clearly.

  19. if we could find my keys we can drive out.

  20. lol epic

  21. I think I’m pretty much in love with the girl in the front.

  22. Can I smell/taste your fingers? I love fish-fingers! 😀

  23. No matter if you’ve seen it or not, let’s not digress from the subject at hand. The sheer genius of the photographer and his/her accomplice. I’ve never had the fortune of seeing such a gem of a picture. And I frequent the web! Absolutely hilarious (to me, and obviously everyone else)! Sad for her.

    Continue the good job Lamebook!

  24. Looks like he found the keyhole.

  25. I think the secret joke here is that he didn’t clip his fingernails.

  26. I don’t think you need a key to get into this box.

    Looks like a couple of cocktails worked a treat.

  27. env – tl;dr but thanks for caring that much.

  28. Who wears white pants anymore? seriously.

  29. Plenty of people have already posted it but…yay for posting something someone found on a webpage and uploaded to facebook as if it was their own picture. I’ve seen the uncropped version of this picture a thousand places. Nice.

  30. These comments suck shit. I thought oh, here’s some chick getting fingered, these comments ought to be funny, but it’s just a bunch of dickholes arguing about who saw it first. Fuck all of you

  31. Christ on a cracker

    He didn’t find his keys, but what he found was so much more… AIDS with a bit of Herpes.

  32. That’s way better than finding Christ on a Cracker…

  33. Christ on a cracker



  34. yea that’s classy

  35. I fear for the future of humanity…

  36. I bet you her vagina smells like fish.

  37. so eine rhätte ich aus der disco geschm,iessen!

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  39. guys r u sure…..he’s looking 4 his keys….???
    damn ri8….i’ll drive in that shit …for no reason..

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