Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. ben

  2. BEN!

  3. darn:(

    well anyways…

  4. Ben!?

  5. dad needs to delete the comment not correct it

  6. I think I may be becoming lame because some of those actually made me laugh.

  7. why is joels post lame besides the missing l i have no idea

  8. damit just got it

  9. BBQ AT 7!!!!!!!!!

  10. jacksonville isnt in texas lol

  11. There is a Jacksonville in Texas.

  12. Jacksonville is in East Texas…

  13. really guys? it has nothing to do with the texas part…

  14. Leaving out a couple of commas marks while typing on a iphone is hardly lame. I still don’t get it.

  15. I know it is all about his spelling issues, “look at me know”

  16. Terri must be broke because she makes no cents. Heey oooh.

    But seriously, I can’t decode her post.

    and joey we no what it has to do with.

  17. Terri’s post = “What is the best website to download songs to your phone from your phone”

  18. Ok, these were funny. Good job Lamebook

  19. I must be in a particulrly good mood today because a lot of those cracked me up.
    I think Britt might be needing that incest repellent.
    Terri-lee, that makez no cents at all.
    Krystal, you can’t change the fact your dad is your uncle as well.

  20. ooh my mistake, hey what do i know lol i dont live in texas, or the usa at all for that matter

  21. That first one… C isn’t even close to O. If I was Britanny I would not be at the BBQ at 7

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Second that @LameTugese

  23. I hope Terri-Lee isn’t one of those if-you-live-in-America-learn-to-speak-English people

  24. the ben thing is getting REALLY old.. c’mon people cant you come up with something else for a while?

  25. Sorry Little_sheep but not living there is no excuse , I don’t live there either:P , just bugging you since I definately had to google it to double check before I opened my big mouth.

  26. Wait… so what Terri-Lee is trying to say is, “What’s the best website to download songs to your phone from your phone, if that makes sense?”

    I think…? It still doesn’t make sense. If you’ve already got the song on your phone, why would you need to “download” it to your phone again?

  27. come on, the first one was no typo

  28. I bet

  29. um, lamebook you suck. I can’t comment because I click the box and get a popup every time. It’s blank because of my adblocker but seriously come on. I’m only posting this by typing in notepad and pasting this in the second I have.

    I was gonna say these were really funny for once.

  30. There is a Jacksonville Texas, so I don’t see what’s funny about the last one.

  31. @belligerent, know isn’t the same as now…

  32. Guys, guys.

    JacksonVILE. Vile.

    Still not funny, but come on…

  33. krasivaya_devushka

    Heeey, what’s up with the comments box not working?

    I, too, had to use WordPad & then copy/paste lol..
    Anyways, if you make such a bad spelling mistake, then why not just delete the comment instead of correcting yourself?
    I mean, the first one is just creepy as hell.

  34. @Emmalee256 oh I missed that part.

  35. Hum, if that’s how BBQs are for that family, I wonder what family reunions are like?

  36. christopherlovet

    No need to copy/paste, but I do get the stupid blank popup for some odd reason. Do not like.

  37. Why can’t I type in the box, and what’s with this blank pop up bs? Fail lamebook, epic fail.

    And I think Terri was asking what was the best website to go to, to download ringtones that she could navigate to on her cellphone. Like I downloaded an app on my phone that allows me to download ringtones directly to the phone. That way I don’t have to bother with transferring the ringtone from my computer to my phone.

  38. i love malteaser too

    I hear ya dragon. If you are using Chrome, you will be unable to type a message. I used FF and could at least type in the box, even though the blank browser pop ups continue.

  39. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Freudian slip takes on a new dimension if Freud said everyone wants to bang their mum…

    yea ee, they have a tight nit family (you don’t want to know how tight) and if everyone at the family reunion brings their appetite then no amount of incest repellant can stop this clan from making the Rolling Stones tour bus look like afternoon tea.

    “Nan can you please pass the balls and vagina?… I mean balsamic vinegar”

  40. incesticide yo.

  41. I think Terri-Lee means which is the site to access to download songs while using the phone. She must still do it the old way where you download the song to your lap top/PC then transfer them to the phone like most people did a decade ago.

    I am on FF and getting the crap blank pop-ups as well, and if you go to your start menu and click on computer, then on the lefthand side of the window that opens, under music click more, then recently changed, now go to views(next to organize on top) and change to the largest setting you will see why they pop-ups are all blank. 🙁 Now delete all that crap. Gah!

  42. kiss the cock lmfao 🙂

  43. Krystal and Mike actually made me lol. But then I got kind of creeped out that Mike didn’t just delete his incestual comment. :/

  44. If you have Safari or a Mac, then the pop-ups are less frequent, hopefully. (I’m still getting a few, but I can still type and just close the ad).

    What could possible be in Jacksonville that would give Joel the gall to say, “To those who said I would never make something of myself, look at me (k)now!” Am I missing something? Does Jacksonville have a booming economy or any notable schools? Lol!

  45. Anyone running Firefox can download a plug in called No Script to get rid of the pop ups. You’ll probably have to spend some time allowing some stuff on your favourite websites but once you’re set up it’s great for stopping unwanted pop ups. I for one have not been having this mouse button sh*t at all.

    PS: good stuff in this entry.

  46. I love No Script, as well as Ad Blocker Plus. It may be a little annoying to have to allow every little thing, but it’s totally worth it! No pop-ups or viruses for me!

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