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  1. Yeah word I think you started a debate…lol

    I can only imagine Andrea’s son as a 25 year old drop out that lives in her basement. That comment should of never made it to facebook anyway. There is a such thing as To Much Information!

    If Megan can make a sweater out of the hair on her legs, then I’m sure she doesn’t need to shave them anyway. If you have waited THIS long, you will not be seeing anybody like Andrea’s son. Therefore you should just let it grow. Besides, if you do get lucky, I’m sure it’s going to be from somebody who just really doesn’t care if you have more hair on your legs than they do.

  2. But more than likely Megan,it will be somebody who can’t clean their foreskin properly, or anything else for that matter.

  3. Anna has got me all hot and bothered now

  4. @mccowles…looking up, looking up…

    has anyone considered the idea that, rather than being traumatically abused, mary was fathered by chuck norris? in which case, a kick to the head would be the equivalent of a loving caress

  5. If that’s the case danetta, I would hate to of seen what rough sex was like for his wife.

  6. @55, god rest her soul.

  7. Did she die? I had no idea, when did this happen and how?

  8. @sk41234

    The foreskin holds most of the nerve endings in the penis, including the very sensitive frenulum and the ridged band at the bottom of the penis. It also protects the head from debris and keeps it soft. “Studies show”? Could you please provide evidence of this?

    I can’t believe some of you are actually defending this barbaric ritual. Cutting the foreskin off for sanitary reasons or cultural reasons is not acceptable. You don’t get to decide to mutilate someone’s body for him because you think it’s cleaner (which is false and even if it were true, does that mean we should cut off children’s fingertips so they can’t pick their noses?) or because it’s the cultural norm and you think your child should look like daddy. It’s a goddamn human rights violation.

  9. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for having me circumcized. I love it. I would say that if I wasn’t, I would have it done, but I don’t know what’s it’s like to not be. I don’t feel mutilated. As for emotional effects, there was that thing where I couldn’t peel an orange without weeping, but that’s over. Oh yeah, and that whole fire starting thing.

    Besides that, who wants a penis that looks like the face of an orangutan. Down with orangutan face penises. Now, can we move on to piercing baby’s ears?

  10. i hate to add fuel to this circumcision fire, but i can’t help but want to throw in my 2 cents. now i don’t have any sons, but i have had boyfriends, both circumcised and not. and i always figured i’d have the kid circumcised so that he would get blowjobs someday.

  11. now, back to chuck norris and his fascinating, terrifying sex life.

  12. @danetta: Just a thought, but also having had both flavours of penis, uncircumcised makes for much better fellatio as the dick itself is practically a guide book (all the sensitive areas are clearly marked out and the foreskin helps add to the stimulation for several reasons). Circumcised ends up being more work because the glans is relatively more desensitized and all the stimulation is directly from mouth work.

    Eh. I’ve heard that when Chuck Norris ejaculates he can impregnate 32 women even with a barrier of multiple condoms and a brick wall. Obviously Chuck Norris is not circumcised as no scalpel could ever penetrate his schlong; except if he had willed it, then it would be done.

  13. The evidence is circumstantial.

  14. Oh there is definitely trauma that occurs, but that is with those that do not receive in analgesic (Boschert, 2004; Howard et al., 1998; Taddio et al., 1997b; Fauntleroy, 2005). It is a very controversial issue, and the AAP has shifted from a neutral to a somewhat opposed view.
    A study done by Carson (2003) showed evidence of increased sexual pleasure in circumcised men. However, there are cases where there were decreased experiences of pleasure, as stated in a study done by Gange (1999). There is really little consensus on this issue.
    I was not necessarily trying to make a solely pro-circumcision argument, I just don’t appreciate a person belittling others because of their personal opinion of the issue. However, I definitely appreciate you citing articles and being clear-minded.

  15. And really, this whole issue can be avoided by simply not getting your child circumcised if you’re unsure. I have known men who had to get circumcised later in life (I don’t know why, maybe they just really don’t know how to clean down there), so it really made no difference. I just don’t think you should be talking someone down by performing this seeing as there is still so much up in the air on this issue.

  16. I gotta say that to me there’s no question that circumcision is wrong! To me, hygiene and “that’s just how we do it in our society” is just not good enough reasons for cutting you kid.
    Like several other people have said, if the parents would just teach the kids personal hygiene from an early age, cleanliness really isn’t that difficult.
    Why not let it be up to the adult?

    And what’s next? Getting your daughter’s sacking lips chopped off? Boob job?

    Oh, and yes, with time uncut does become less sensitive because it’s always exposed. Actually, that shouldn’t be to difficult to figure out..

  17. well, i don’t know if you’ve ever sucked an uncircumcised dick, but it’s kinda uncomfortable and gross and i don’t recommend it. and plus it looks weird. so i would never let my boy go through life with a penis that repels girls. can we save the righteousness for facebook??

  18. @ booface – didn’t your man have an erection when you blew him? maybe we should cut baby girls and stuff them with fake tits just in case they grow up flat chested and “repel” some guys.

    like i said before opinion is opinion but still the reasons have yet to justify the mutilation

  19. I prefer uncircumsized….no lube needed if you’re going for a highway handjob….
    anyways, kinda refreshing to see so many people so against it-when I was pregnant, everyone asked if I’d circumsize if it was a boy, and when I said no, I got the most horrific reactions, like it was their child and their choice and how could I NOT circumsize my son? I also don’t see how you can justify likening it to boob jobs or pussy make overs in women…it has been done in the past few decades for medical reasons which have now been shown to be wrong-but it takes some time to change society and how things go. I’m sure sooner or later it will be obselete…it does now come down to personal preference, and things like that-it’s not standard procedure anymore (at least in Canada). Kinda like tonsils…they used to take them out all the time, now they feels it’s a pointless operation and rarely do it anymore unless they absolutly have to. People will eventually come around, but the more you attack someone, the more they defend themselves and hold on tighter to their beliefs, and become more closeminded.

  20. Wow I’ve never seen so many pro-uncircumsized people in my life. I am guessing these are all women saying this. Circumsized is def. the way to go if you are a guy. It’s not like boob jobs or other crap people are mentioning in here. It might be like a boob job if a female is born with a giant piece of skin covering her boob and nipple, then you can relate the two. There’s no way my kid would go uncircumsized. Im thinking that the women would want their face circumsized if there was a giant piece of skin attached to the back of their neck and flapping over their face. I’d hope their parents would decide pro-circumcision

  21. Holy crap. All this talk about circumcision makes me twinge. Of all the girls I’ve been with, only one has ever had a problem with foreskin… and SHE was a vegetarian!… which nullifies her vote cuz she doesn’t like meat in her mouth anyway:)

    Pro-circumcision people- chop the skin off your baby and make it painful for them for the next couple weeks but 1. it does not make it cleaner if you aren’t mentally “special”, 2. what about the girls that prefer the uncircumsized? (So much for trying to help your kid get the ladies), and 3. he’s gonna have to use a lote of lube for the handjobs:)

    Con-circumcision people- There are only two reasons I can think of to circumsize your child. 1. in case you belive that your child will not know how to clean his junk, and 2. if you’re worried about what other people will think. I, for one, am uncircumsized, and I can tell you right now that 1. the skin on the inside of the foreskin is incredibly sensitive and feels F***in amazing when stimulated, and 2, the head is incredibly sensitive as well because it hasn’t been rubbing against your underwear all your life.

    So there you have it, my OPINION has been made clear… enjoy… crazies.

  22. LMFAO @ suesee & leo_tico. hahahahahahaha.

  23. I had my bio-logical sons Tristiano and Michelangelo circumsized the same day they were born. I was unsure at first as to what I should do because I did not have a penis, nor had I ever been with an uncircumsized man. I ended up asking my friends and family members about their feelings/experiences. All of the females were disgusted by the thought of an uncircumsized penis but I also took into account that they were mostly Italian woman and as my sons would be growing up mostly in the U.S. the chance was high they would date women of other ethnic backgrounds, therefore they would meet women on both sides of the fence. This is where I decided to ask men for their opinions. Most of the men ended up feeling the same way the women did, the few that didn’t admitted that many women they had dated had not wanted to go down on them. So I ended circumsizing them because I couldn’t see leaving them in a state that would repel so many potential blow jobs or girlfriends. 😛 I equated it in my mind to them being born with 6 fingers or a giant hairy mole on the kids face, it would have to go right? Right. I adopted Josh when he was 5 and he was uncircumsized but I could not see putting him through the pain of doing it at that point so when he came to me at 9 years old and asked to have it done I was surprised to say the least. Turns out that when he started changing for Gym that year a few older kids had started teasing him as he was apparently the only one in his locker room that had not been circumsized. He does go to a mainly Italian private school. I made him see a therapist for a few months first but ended up deciding it was his choice. He waddled around for a few weeks with a sheet wrapped around his waist, poor kid, but he was still happy he had done it. I on the other hand felt so bad for him. 🙁 ouch

  24. They look like an anteaters snout. Anteaters are cute, but I’m not going to wax my balls to get with one.

    Nonnieyrissa, your logic and actual experience have no place in this argument of emotion and hyperbole.

  25. Good point soup. Sorry. 😛

  26. pearls-before-swine

    #1 – I laughed really hard.

    #3 – Oh my God, get a grip Mary!!

  27. Sorry I havent read all the comments yet, this comes after stopping at #31. It’s after 4am here and I need to get to sleep soon and will finish reading tomorrow cuz they look interesting, Anyway….

    As for the circumcision chick, you disgust me. I mean I know it’s life…eventually your kids will be teens & adults & having sex but, WHO in their right mind wants to think of that??? Even when they’re older and have kids already you still will think of them as your innocent little babies and hope they’re still virgins, at least I would anyway. LOL.

    But yeah I’m a girl and don’t have any male perspective on it (not a mature one I’ve come across anyway), but from what I know and can imagine, I see no reason to bother with circumcision. Foreskin OBVIOUSLY provides a purpose, as males are born with it for a REASON. It helps to PROTECT the sensitive glans of the penis from things like urine and feces and other irritants, and though we weren’t born with diapers attached to us, it definitely helps tenfold when babies have to sometimes sit in their own urine and feces for an amount of time. Just like female babies sometimes having large-looking labia. I have a daughter and I’ve observed this with her… it seems to help keep the same types of irritants from getting into places where it could cause a UTI or other infection.

    As for cleanliness, I have actually watched videos where males (grown, not young) have shown one way of cleansing the area between the foreskin and the glans, and that is to pinch the skin shut over the urethral opening and urinate somewhat (urine being sterile, providing the lack of infection, upon immediate exit of the body), and to massage it around so that the urine will clean the area. They were meant as informational videos too btw, not some kind of fetish or the like. As someone above stated, it is up the the parents to keep the area clean and when the child is older, to teach them how to do it themselves. So you will have to be very “hands-on” yes that is true, but it’s just what you do if you want to prevent sickness and teach good hygiene. People who think that it’s twisted must have some kind of feelings that they would rather ignore or can’t deal with. I mentioned I have a daughter… when she was in diapers I routinely had to “open things up” a little to get spots of poo out from tiny crevices & folds with a wet wipe lest she get some sort of infection. I’m not gonna cut something off her to make things more convenient for me or for any other reason. Same with boys IMO…. Now she is out of diapers but I still have to do it on occasion because well, she is learning to wipe herself and doesn’t understand “front to back” yet and it will take time. lol.

    Also, as far as the “sexual sensitivity” argument, it technically can’t be proven that one person is more sensitive than another. But it is argued that since the foreskin protects the glans, which is technically considered a “membrane” type tissue more over thicker “skin” when it has been protected. Without the foreskin there to protect it, irritants like bodily excretions and material fabric will cause the skin to thicken over time to make the membrane less sensitive, just like callouses form on your fingers when you learn to play guitar. So, with those constant irritants present, it can be argued that you do lose sensitivity without the protection of foreskin present, as the skin toughens up.

  28. @shelmarie87: if you think foreskin protects and cleans the penis, you quite clearly don’t have a dick. have a wank, don’t have a shower for a day or two, and your bellend gets covered in white cheesy gunk. do you really expect a 7 year old to clean his dick everyday when a grown men don’t?

    the way you’re complaining about circumcision being unhealthy, you do realize people have been doing them for thousands of years right? it’s not some new designer thing

  29. I don’t understand the whole issue of women not wanting to go down on dudes with foreskin. Do they not pull their foreskin back? I mean, that’s the only way it looks different. But doing that would be stupid ’cause then you can’t feel it as much.

    And seriously, cleaning it is easy. Just pull it back for a minute when you’re in the shower and you’re done. And honestly, I don’t ever remember cleaning it on a regular basis when I was a kid and I never had any problems like an infection or anything. In fact, I’ve heard a story of a kid who never cleaned it or pulled it back ever, and it was basically stuck when he tried to pull it back for the first time. But that was it. It was gross, but it never caused any serious issues.

    So that’s my two cents, as an uncircumcised dude. I’m perfectly fine. It’s unnecessary and I won’t be doing it to my kids. The end.

  30. this is funny and gross at the same time.
    have two toddlers, both uncircumcised (out of fashion in NZ now but wouldn’t have done it anyway because I’d read about the loss of sensitivity and wouldn’t want to do that to anyone, least of all my own kids).

    Enough talking about my kids.

    Never thought I would say this after all my lurking on lb,
    but I’m kinda turned on! Off to find some porn 😉
    PS I prefer uncircumcised.
    PPS I love the interweb!

  31. lol

  32. So there’s a whole lot of you pro-circumcision campers who do ‘cos it’s essentially “in fashion,” because, well, it’s a matter of aesthetics and therefore “opinion.” Great logical construct there. Lopping off what evolution has provided us with no sound empirical argument because of of “social norms.” How fucking weak-minded are you as parents? It is painful, it is mini-torture, and there have been irreparable damages to infants and toddlers all over the world. What then would you say to your little “Bobby?” “Sorry, but all the boys are doing it, and we wanted you to be successful with the ladies”?

    You must also find it incredible how societies around the world have managed to flourish before and without the advent and popularity of circumcision to “enhance sexual activities.” You think the 1 billion+ each in China and India have any problem screwing around with not being circumcised?

    I’m frankly a little surprised how some of you whom I consider as seemingly a bit above the fray in terms of intelligence yet still have this lizard-brained and weak-minded stance towards being pro-circumcision of helpless and choice-less infants because it’s the “norm.” I know it’s not possible to do some critical thinking in every aspect of life, but this is kind of important. Do the right thing and let your child make that decision for himself. It’s never too late to get snipped, but let that be his decision.

  33. Anyone who circumsizes their child is automatically a bad parent in my eyes. Who in their right mind would hurt their child like that when there are no medical advantages what so ever and can actually do far more harm than good. America is the only country that continues to practice it for non religious reasons. The reason it became popular in the first place was to stop masturbation, not because of any health benefits. Wake up America, stop mutilating your sons.

  34. Kamco – I live in Australia, and it’s still the norm to do it here too… America is definitely NOT the only country to do it!

  35. No he’s not ‘doing it for the ladies’ Andrea, you fucking retard. He’s doing it because his mother’s a horse-faced crack whore with a penis that looks like ET.

  36. Kamco you’ve got your facts all wrong.
    As of right now, I’ve never heard of a country that does’nt allow circumsision for non-religious reasons. Here in Sweden its very much legal.

    It is also not that dangerous of a procedure and comes with many benefits.

    I have two brothers, one is circumcised (My big brother) and oe is not(My little brother). Why might that be? Because when my big brother was around 1 year old my parents realised that there was something wrong with his penis. Its not that it hadnt been cleaned but the foreskin had some defect and made him piss thouroughly into the wrong direction (Well Im not to read up on the details, didnt want to ask my mother about my brothers penisissues). Do you still think my mother is a bad parent for wanting my brother to get rid of the handicap of not being able to piss straight?

    Its naive to think that the world is either black or white. Even so, I think its okay for a parent to circumcise its child eve if it is for dumb reasons.

  37. 1) Having been with both circumcised and non-circumcised men, I will say that I prefer circumcised. Uncut penises look like they belong on little boys. They’re kinda gross.
    2) In most states Medicaid will cover the cost of a circumcision as long as it is medically necessary. It will not cover circumcisions for religious or ethnic reasons.
    Just throwing that out there.

  38. I have to comment, just because Mary’s annoying response in post #3: it *seriously* bugs me when people mix discipline with sheer violence. If the message doesn’t go through and the kid keeps liking like an idiot, it’s okay to slap him/her. This was my opinion as a kid, and it still is. Some people are just either stubborn or stupid, or just plain assholes.

    Hitting with a fist, that’s a whole other thing called violence and abuse.

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