Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let The Party Began!!!


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  1. only in houston!

  2. These are some classy people. Looks like the “woman” under the “sexy tat guy” is showing her best side.

  3. This brings a whole new meaning to dirty dancing.

  4. My personal favorite is the enormous gut in the far left corner with the belly button ring.

  5. Niggers.

  6. Pretty epic scar that bitch on the left has on her leg.

  7. why does it seem so bright? was this in the middle of day, outside?! akkkkwaaaard

  8. check out the sandal soles at the bottom left corner…

  9. Wow these people are weird.

  10. this is dancing? i blame the inner city school system.

  11. “Summer ’09 has began!!!” Nice work school system, parents, and student’s personal motivation …

  12. bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh shit that was too funny

  13. Wait are they dancing or having sex??

  14. To be accurate, you should have written either “that student’s personal motivation” or “students’ personal motivation” …not, as you wrote, “student’s personal motivation.”

    So, what do you use to clean your glass house?

  15. Are those SOCKS AND SANDALS?! Wow, what a super cool party. “LOLz”

  16. What-am-I-doing-here?

    Is “sexy tat guy whoever you are” wearing a nappy?


    funny shit

  18. @Megan, that is a huge gut! An ordinary girdle cant hold that shit in. I love the scar on the other girls leg, also the girl whos shoes are the only thing visible!

    I love details.

  19. There is NO DOUBT that this “event” ended in gunfire, ER visits and a massive police response.

  20. Classy.

  21. I believe this an example of Daggering. Google it.

  22. This is how baby thugs are made

  23. uhm, who the heck takes a picture of people doing the dirty that shows other people watching people do the dirty… and then posts it on facebook ?

    oh, and:

    “sexy tat guy” looks like he has cool shoes, ha.

  24. EnglishPhDCandidate

    Regarding #14: This is against my better judgment, but you were such a pretentious asshole in the way you corrected the other poster that I can’t resist. Someone has to take you down a peg or two.

    Where do I begin? It’s incorrect to use “that” in reference to a person, first of all. With that error aside, however, if you insist on “that” for the singular “student,” you must, by the same principle, suggest a word such as “these” for the plural “students.” “That students’ personal motivation” makes no sense, and you failed to suggest an alternative. You also misused the ellipsis and created a sentence fragment, the first letter of which you failed to capitalize. Finally, it is incorrect to begin a sentence with “so.”

    What do you use to clean your glass house?

  25. How does a person that young have a hip replacement? (Referring to the scar.)

  26. How are they having sex with their clothes on? It looks very convenient.

  27. @ the “typical niggers” comment

    are you serious?

  28. I completely agree with Brittany.
    ‘typical niggers’ — ??
    the picture may be tacky, but # 5’s comment is tackier by far.

  29. The guy on the left (the one being straddled by Scarthigh) appears to be either handicapped or suffering from a seizure of some kind.

  30. Daggering:

    What is daggering? Some call it “dry sex” on the dance floor of a dance or party, but daggering is where a man and woman are dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which usually includes them simulating various sexual positions, and often times, rough sex, to the beat of whatever music is playing at the time. In recent times, dancehall artistes RDX and Mr. Vegas have both released daggering songs in tribute to the newly accepted name for an action / activity that has been present in Jamaica’s dancehalls for many years.

  31. And to think, the woman who wrote the caption has no idea who the guy is.

  32. lol @ Sgt. Hulka– The “scarthigh” and gunfire comments were classic.

  33. What the hell? ‘Yay! summer has begun! Lets all hit the floor and be a bunch of dirty whores. Come on ladies show them scars and sandals. Thats right… you got it boo.”

  34. brittany and jane..typical always says that. pretty much to everything.

  35. I don’t really have anything to say.


  36. and this is why i need to move out of houston.

  37. that cellulite on the girl with the yellow shirt is really appealing.

  38. @ deee thanks for that comment i was wanting to say similar myself.. Dancehall rocks! some cant handle that type of dance as an art form i can. sex is an art form unless you suck at it haha

  39. Sex only became an art form thanks to real artists like Picasso and D.H. Lawrence. The thing is, visionaries like them had actual goals, messages, themes, etc., to their art. In other words, sure, sex is an art form, but in this particular manifestation, what does it SAY? What’s the POINT? Is it just that it’s a good thing, and repression is bad? That was established nearly 100 years ago. Gratuitous sex without meaning behind it is just sex, and that’s porn, not art.

  40. Re: EnglishPhDCandidate:

    It’s hardly “incorrect” to use “that” to refer to a person. Everyone does it constantly, which I’m sure it includes you. Imagine a scene in your head for me; someone in your house has just received a short phone call. You couldn’t identify the other party. You say, “Who was that?”

    Related: “Who is it at the door?”

    You can disagree with someone’s particular use, but saying it’s categorically incorrect is laughable.

  41. @Dave
    Shes saying TAT as in TATTOO you reject.

  42. @Frank… no that’s completely wrong Dave was correcting someone else’s use of the word THAT, who was in turn correcting another person’s use. This has nothing to do with Tattoos.

  43. Looked up daggering…. looks like something that could/ would lead to rape. 🙁

  44. PhD candidate, you’re a dick. This (THIS!) coming from someone with a PhD in English grammar already.

    Windex, please.

  45. Frank, your a fucking retard…..

  46. Ok, I understand people getting pissed off over the stupidly incorrect grammar “these be good stuffz”, for example.

    But people who type on here arguing over the little things such as “that” or “this/these/who the fuck cares”

    Yes, I hate people who constantly use terrible grammar and spelling, but after a few attempts and pretty much everyone failing, just give it a rest!!

  47. Heh, and I thought the comments were meant for the lamebook post in question…

    The comments alone need their own wordpress page.

  48. Just another Friday night!

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