Friday, December 14, 2012

Holy Typo!

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  1. it was a furby wasn’t it??

  2. Fake.

  3. Classic T2000, nice to see people going back to their roots.

  4. Daddy, why does our new puppy piss itself everytime you go near it?

  5. puppies love the extra attention of raping

  6. I motion to change the meaning of Jack in the Box, from a toy, to an action.

  7. Wait…

    It’s a toy?

  8. ^Yep. They’re called fleshlights.

  9. Yes it is beatusfatty. I would hum the little tune for you but we all know that doesn’t quite work here.
    You know the little box you wind up? And this little joker pops out? That there is a jack in the box.
    Title couldn’t be more self-descriptive

  10. Jesus FUCK,dardar. Do you also think that Stephen Colbert is a staunch right wing spokesperson, that the articles on The Onion are for realz?? That course in irony didn’t go well did it? Did you storm out or did they ban you from the class?

  11. Jesus fuck. You sad little shits still come here ?

  12. Waits for cliche retort.

  13. I do it to amuse you Frank.
    Also, I didn’t think his comment was funny; therefore, I thought he was being serious.

  14. I notice ToTheFlames has tried for 3 posts to troll someone and has been unsuccessful. That’s a sad little shit.

  15. Trolling? No I’m helping you losers realise how sad you allare

  16. You’re a funny little thing dardar. And I’m curious, why did you name yourself after one of the most despised characters that has ever been depicted in film?

  17. Oh, come on, he’s not that bad.
    I don’t really like him, I just thought it was clever because of my real name.
    Now get off deez nuts.

  18. Nothing to add here, other than: LAMEBOOK! Ditch the adverts with sounds! Yeah cutesy mother-and-baby, great, but I don’t give a fuck what noise the fucking puppy makes!

  19. Totheflames, you are fake.

  20. Now I’ve got “Raping Christass” stuck in my head, sung to the tune of The Nightmare Before Christmas song “Making Christmas.”

  21. Stomabeutel v1.2 SP2

    I don’t like rap music.

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