Friday, December 14, 2012

I Love the Internet

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  1. Nice trolling!

  2. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU!?!?


  3. Well what do you know? A genuinely amusing story has made it to lamebook. Satan must be ice-skating to work today.

  4. Satan has been keeping company with penguins.

  5. if lamebook’s not amusing to you, why do you keep coming here?

  6. She comes here for me, Jeffrey.

  7. frankenstein is a girl?

  8. Frankenstein is a WOMAN! , and I don’t really come here for the main posts, either (though, I have recently submitted a couple, from an especially disturbed individual I friended on facebook for the sole purpose of my amusement…let’s see if they make it..) I come here to harass people….err…I mean, read the comments.

  9. I come here mostly for the comments also.. And beatus of course..

  10. ^beatus is my lamebook toy boy. You can have CapnJaques, he’s not always around but he does have a majestic mahogany man-phallus.

    Hannibal, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Report to the principal’s office.

    Jeffrey, your comprehension skills need work. I never said I didn’t find lamebook amusing I was referring to these ‘amusing anecdotes’ that people feel the need to bore their fb friends with. The ones that typically end up on lamebook do so because they are lame. This particular one is funny. And now you’ve made me bore myself by critiquing lamebook posts. Fuck you, Jeffrey, and not in the fun way.

  11. ^beatus is a whore. Isn’t that right meestir beatus?
    It’s okay, it will all be over some day

  12. ^stop trying to worm your way into everyone else’s joke.

  13. This is one of the best I’ve seen on here. I’ve on this site for over a year and never made an account, so I figured I’d check out the benefits of commenting 🙂

  14. You lonely fucks. Take a look at your lives.

  15. @Frank
    Oh I get it now.
    You’re PMSing

  16. Wrong again, dardar. I was drunk. 8)

  17. Woohoo! Thumbs up for muh penis, and alcohol!

  18. ^^^totheflames.. how do you know they are lonely? they might be reading and commenting during a conversation lul surrounded by mates at their local.. or during a break at work because outside of work hours their lives are too full of drunken frivolity… or they could be preferring their own company.. what difference does it make to you? Im surprised you had time to read,post and denegrate with your fucking socially hectic lifestyle

  19. Sad little Flamesie judges other people’s lives by the pathetic lacking in his own. What more would you expect from a Mom’s-basement-dwelling drummer, for fuck’s sake?

  20. What makes it worse, is that in a short period of time, TTF has managed to become a social outcast on Lamebook, ffs, nowthat’s sad…lol.. 😛

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