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  1. Meh.

  2. I’m sorry but the second one just isn’t funny at all, its sick and I think it should be taken down those people haven’t even had funerals yet and you think its funny to put shit like that on here, you sick fuckers I hope you rot!

  3. Mark went a really long way for that one.

  4. Yet another joke stolen off sickipedia, I see a trend :/

  5. The Cumbria one? Too far, too soon.

  6. The really sad part is the fact that there are three of these shooting-pages around. So, not only unoriginal sick f**ks, but two of them are even more unoriginal sick f**ks.

  7. Oh, fuck off, what’s funny about that Lamebook? I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… Lamebook is just becoming more and more like Sickipedia. Jokes like this, and a ratio of shit jokes to funny jokes that’s more unbalanced a ton of bricks and one fucking feather.

    Mark’s joke is sooo poor, it barely makes any fucking sense and you’ve got to read it like, ten times to even understand what he’s trying to get at. And Twilight and Justin Bieber jokes? Come on.

    Sorry Lamebook but this post’s really pissed me off.

  8. *than a (lead in to poor joke that could have been so much funnier had I actually tried)

  9. Lamebook has been posting current ones since the beginning. This is nothing new. So if you’re going to get butt hurt go read Highlights magazine.

  10. Ive seen a lot of these Cumbria jokes on my fb wall.. I choose to ignore rather than make a fuss of them now because that’s what all these people are after ‘ooo look at me, I can be CONTROVERSIAL’. wooo.

  11. Lamebook commenters have been getting pissed off with the quality of Lamebook for ages now. This is nothing new. So if you’re going to get butthurt go read… Butthurt magazine. I don’t know. What IS butthurt? Is it worse than normal hurt?

  12. robotninjazombiebear

    Yes BritishHobo. Butthurt is when the normal hurt breaks free, hovers over your head for a split second then jams itself right up the poop shoot. butthurt hurts =(

  13. @amtrak4lovers

    Finally a logical response instead of what Numnum and Britishhobo are doing which is whining like little butthurt bawwing bitches with the mistaken believe that people actually care what they think.

    I mean sheesh, its just a (very edgy) joke, plenty of other sites on the internet if you can’t handle the heat.

  14. robotninjazombiebear

    “mistaken believe” = mistaken belief right? so sorry, it just popped out at me.

  15. HollyGolightly

    Can someone explain Mark’s “joke” to me? I don’t get it …

  16. sigh. ‘you can joke about anything, just not with anyone’. If you don’t like the jokes, move on, go somewhere else.

    @16, good taste in films. he says his CD/DVD burner will only accept twilight and justin bieber = i.e it burns them (cause theyre shit) and creates a nice fire for when his date arrives. The explaination onyl makes slightly more sense than the joke, I’m afraid 😀

  17. HollyGolightly

    @17 thanks!

    and … wow. I feel sorry for Mark’s friends, if he tells such complicated and unfunny jokes in real life.

  18. captainbitchslap

    I’m more inclined to feel sorry for Mark, at least his friends always have someone to make fun of.

  19. He’s talking about an *actual* fireplace, isn’t he? I hate technology puns…

  20. Garbage

  21. Well, I am Mark, and we are now laughing at you guys for your comments on the joke. Complicated? Lmao. Jesus. My page is a goldmine.

  22. Mark you’re a tosser.

  23. @MarkOchoCinco

    Besides aligning yourself with a shitty receiver, your “joke” is already old. Twilight and Bieber are like a whorey fat chick. Sure, you can take your turn, but you’re just making your poor taste evident.

  24. lol

  25. Oh no, Mark’s laughing at me! Shit! Does this mean I’m as outdated as Twilight and Justin Bieber already are? Oh fuck, his friend’s probably think I’m a nerd, I should go kill myself now because they’ll never accept me.
    In other words who even cares 🙂

    Dead_Parade, I’m more pissed off that this place is getting as lame and unfunny as Sickipedia, and that’s where you should go if you want crap jokes thought up in a second to try and be ‘edgy’ and ‘controversial’ about some recent tragedy. Thanks for the concern though.

  26. Although as much as the joke sucked, fair do’s to Mark for coming to defend himself.

  27. C’mon lamebookers, Marks joke was hardly complex. Don’t act simple.

  28. ‘Complicated’ is the wrong word for Mark’s joke.
    The phrase ‘grasping at straws’ comes to mind as a better description.

  29. Few years ago, on a university in Prague (I don’t remember which) raged a phantom which called himself “Lord Hoven” (The Lord of Shit) and he always took a giant dump around the whole bathroom and wrote “L.H.” on the wall with the shit. The mystery was never explained.

  30. It’s finally happened – a joke that is actually TOO lame for lamebook. Mark is Justin Bieber.

  31. lol, I’m joining that second one.

  32. Mark’s joke makes a lot more sense to me now that I’m not crazy sleep-deprived. For some reason I originally thought he was going for some kind of gay joke. Flaming? No? I need more sleep.

  33. Oh and if you hate Lamebook, why don’t you GTFO? No-one’s forcing you to stay :/

  34. :O malteaser is that meant for me? I’m hurt 🙁

  35. I thought we had something special 😛

  36. Any jokes including Twilight and Justib Bieber is per definetion funny!

    Its funny to see how some people bitch and bitch about the quality of the funniness, but yet they come back and post numerous comments, for every page.

    Maybe you should get out more and spend less time on LB and realize what it is. A place to kill 5 or 10 mins of your time each day. Not to spend several hours posting dull and senseless stuff.


  37. @dyrebar-: What keeps me coming back (but other people’s mileage may vary) is that Lamebook have some amazing posts, and I also love the comments page (when that BritishHobo twat isn’t clogging it up trying to be funny), but lately things are kinda slipping. And it seems like people have noticed because some of my favourite commenters seem to be coming here less and less.

    Anyway, Lamebook knows I’m kidding. I love it really.

  38. @BritishHobo – lol it’s everyone who only comes on here to say how crap it is xD

  39. People you have to realise… there will always be people making jokes about horrible happenings around the world. I’ve lose count the amount of Josef Fritzl, Maddie Macann, Shannon Matthews, Osama Bin Laden etc jokes I’ve seen. It’s people’s nature to make things more light-hearted, but I think that people should leave the Cumbrian jokes (if they will make them) till a bit later. It’s still very raw for people.

  40. The second one is way too soon. Ouch.

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