Friday, December 14, 2012

Well Played…

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  1. I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t get this

  2. @gungalaguna – Because when you smoke up and your eyes get all red, you need the eyedrops to clear them up.

  3. Proof that Wal-Mart knows their clientele.

  4. Beatus, if Wal-Mart knew their clientele, there’d be lighters next to the “My little Meth Lab” starters kit.

  5. Yes, well played, person who put a single bottle of eyedrops in front of a bunch of lighters, even though you can still see the color of the lighter package through the hanger-hole in the eyedrop package.

  6. They should also be next to the chips and chocolate bars

  7. jzimbert you sound kind of.. paranoid.

  8. Who the fuck still uses the played out line “well played, well played “.

  9. Good eye, jizzy! You’re correct.
    The submitter may now collect his/her/he-she’s Lame-o award. (what’s the possessive form of he-she?)

  10. ^ ToTheFlames’

  11. Heh, the number of people not getting this kinda exposes the amount of pseudo-stoners on here.

    Normally, an online reference to weed results in pages of:

    “LMFAO I smoke so much of teh weedz its lyk im always flying LOL”

    But half of you fucking part-timers can’t decipher the irony of two stoner tools side by side in the store.

  12. Dan, i think everyone gets it except #1.
    I think what you don’t get is the fact that some douchebag/ette deliberately stuck the eyedrops next to the lighters just to take the pic.

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