Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Parents, Picture This

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  1. i don’t get the second one . . . what are they doing? it looks like monkey bars, and if that’s the case i don’t see what the big deal is . . . she just has her feet around the other chick’s waist.

  2. Is the last one supposed be pictures of peppers that look like penises? And good to know Abbi has a guardian angel, er, I mean, over invasive father.

  3. 1. Why would you draw a penis on your own face?
    2. What are those lines coming off the balls? Ball sweat?

  4. @smk5815 it’s the fact that her mother was posting comments under her brother’s facebook name.

  5. Can someone explain to me exactly why you would draw a cock on your own face with tomato ketchup?!

  6. who draws a cock on their face ??!?!?

  7. Ashleigh, just wow, wondering how bored and STOOOOOpid you have to be to draw such an image on your face, have a friend photograph it and then post it on FB for all the world to see. Just wow.

    Marvin RULES. Go dad, give the what for.

  8. 7th

  9. ^^^FAIL^^^

  10. Abbi needs to share with Ashleigh

  11. I wonder if it’s been a while since mam (Janet) has seen a peen?

    I know mom was under someones FB, but it still… neither here nor there.

    Is that a penis pepper?

  12. chili pepper fail. are those real?

  13. Ashleigh is wearing terrible glasses. She did the ketchup penis on her face to draw attention away from them.

  14. Does Abbi’s father work for CIA/FBI? “Someone is always watching” Yeah! Facebook if for that, to post and upload pics of you and sharing them with friends… or post them on Lamebook 😉

  15. Ahaha, the mom in #2 seems like the sort of person who just never stops talking… ‘oh, I thought I was on my Facebook BY THE WAY THE MELMANS GOT A NEW PUPPY’. No wonder she’s exhausted.

    People say people shouldn’t have their parents on Facebook because of stuff like this, but hell, you gotta love the parents in these, overprotective or not.

  16. A month later, Abbi did give her laptop to her mother, who then went and posted pistures of all the real penises she’d castrated from her lovers. Just goes to show, huh?

  17. I think Marvin is jealous of those peppers, in terms of both size and location.

  18. I registered just to say this: if I’m understanding the second one correctly it’s actually pretty amusing, but then again it takes a couple of assumptions and way too much time and energy to have any self respect after you figure it out.

    The daughter/s and the mother obviously have the same last name. Christopher not being referred to as “your dad”, but still sharing the name, is probably mom’s brother or son. I’m guessing son, since it’s not common for grownup siblings to cohabit and share a computer.

    So what the girl thought was that her extremely obnoxius brother had suddenly overdosed on Ecstacy and/or Carebears (with some creepy incest vibe thrown in) because mommy started posting under his name by mistake.

    “Cute pic my girls! XOXO” probably would have freaked me out a bit in her shoes.

  19. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Yikes! Those look like they might be ghost chilies. Abbi best not be putting them in her good good.

  20. @Super Nintendo Chalmers, I would say no to that as well.

  21. Note to Ashleigh: penises go in the other way. Just FYI.

  22. @fookinhell: I don’t see it. Why would the mother/daughter name sharing come into it? And besides that, wouldn’t the reading be the same, just with father changed to brother?
    Apologies for my crippling slowness.

  23. Abbi – get out of that family. If your father Marvin is so pathetic as to be concerned by a chili that looks a little bit like a penis, he sure as hell is going to ruin the rest of your life.

    Shit – dinner time must be hell at your house if he has penis envy over a 2″ chili. I guess you don’t eat that many hot dogs, carrots, cucumbers, zuchini, popsicles, etc.

    Bizarrely I had a one night stand with an Iranian girl who had a clitoris that, when aroused, was about the same size and looked just like the top chili in Abbi’s hand (no she didn’t have balls… but she had a big old clopper).

  24. After reading this all I care about is the Melman’s new dog, I hear it’s super cute.

    Also. Janet needs to learn how to fucking spell if she is ever going to be a good parent, and Christopher needs to stop fullfilling this twisted fantasy of being his sister’s mom and jerking off to pictures of her playing with her friends. PHEW..


  25. @yaya, Ashleigh is even more stoopid because she took the picture of herself. if MySpace has taught us anything, it is no arms in picture = self photo.

  26. Who want’s a penis GROWING out of their mouth? If she’s *attempting* to say “I’m an internet whore and this is where I will put your penis.” then she drew it wrong. Just saying.

  27. *wants

    Excuse me I get a little apostrophe happy sometimes.

  28. Fuck, who the hell is named the melmans?

  29. No more posts, Exo just capped this one. lol

  30. I don’t know who the melmans are, but I hear they have a cute puppy. And I was at the grocery store today and saw..blah…blah…blah, so I picked it up for you. Why do you keep deleting my comments? I just thought I’d let you know….

  31. @sarayve Could that also explain why the crudely drawn peen is coming outward from her cheek as if being birthed from her mouth rather than being thrust in? Perhaps stooooopid was looking in the mirror as she drew it and found the whole backwards drawing thing confusing, you know, like crossing the street is confusing.

  32. I am very confused as to why the penis is facing the direction it is.

  33. Look at where the tip of the penis is. It is drawn like that so that when she talks, it looks like a talking penis.

  34. penis face, penis peppers, what i want to know is what the rest of those 15 comments say!

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