Monday, October 10, 2011

It’s A Family Thing

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  2. wtf, that guy has the ass of a nine year old girl. Not that I know what that looks like…

  3. He doesn’t have one… it’s just the crack… Not that I don’t like that…

  4. More importantly, why is wearing XS Victoria’s Secret Panties? I have a pair that looks just like that, except I actually have an ass to fill it up.

  5. he*

  6. Aunt Kerry is basically saying, “If you’re up for it, I am too.” Not sure if hot…

  7. ‘Britny?’ Was there a vowel shortage when she was born?

  8. Wow, threatening to mop someone’s ass with the floor…


    I’ll put my ass in your boot! Then, I’ll smack your grandma so hard that you’ll feel it! And finally, I will shit the beat into you.

  9. Too bad #3 is illiterate. “I’am”?!

  10. @7 No shortage. She simply opted to use the ‘a’ from her name in ‘I’am.’ It’s fun. I do it all the time. Last night I dinner I said, “Please ass the psalt.” Hilarity ensued. Try it!

  11. Is that a little gay tattoo on his lower back? I thought slag tags were reserved for girls…

  12. Mathew and Daniel sitting in a tree…

  13. I laughed harder at dakpainters comment then anything I’ve ever seen on this website.

  14. #10 of course.

  15. Guess Mathew hasn’t come out to Aunt Kerry yet?
    #11: it’s not just the close-to-the-crack tat that gives it away. The asshugger speedo type shorts, hugging a practically non-existent ass that is probably the result of hundreds of hours of calisthenic type shit that straight men don’t do? Yep, Kerry and her incestuous heart are in for a big disappointment someday.
    And Britny I have some Vienna Sausages and Colt 45 for you in the trunk.

  16. Mathew will be taking a shower because he feels dirty and guilty beacuse of all the spunk hoses his had jammed into him.

    I like Bailey, I wish my mum was more like Sonja….alive.

  17. That is weird

  18. @8 & 10 – brilliant…thanks for the laugh

  19. I actually know this guy, he’s an ex-Olympic diver. Hence the physique, Speedos and the Olympic rings tattoo…

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