Monday, January 23, 2012

No Period 2011

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  1. For the benefits. Having a kid is the quick fix solution to getting a nice house (compared to the council estates they’e used to) and plenty of money. Plus, a child gives the dads something else to beat other than their girlfriend, if they stick around.

  2. This post has caught the attention of a scrapbooking message board. They’re all really, really offended. This “shitty” joke was in “VERY poor taste.” They’re ashamed to find it on a humor site.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Link us, Daanibee. Or at least give us more details so we can find it.

  4. Come on daanibee. Don’t be a hold-out.

    I want to troll some scrapbookers. They didn’t realise that the internet is public.

  5. I like #2’s shoes…

  6. Hmmm. The link keeps coming up all funky.

    The website is called Two Peas in A Bucket and it’s on the NSBR board, on page 2. “Didn’t you hear? Real best friends get pregnant together!”

  7. Thanks, mercurysgirlx! After I’ve trolled THAT thread, I’m going to have fun with: “if an 11 yo girl puts ‘dry humper’ as her ‘job’ on FB…”

  8. How would having a kid get them a better house or more money? It sure as hell wouldn’t in the States.

  9. Bacchante, you can’t possibly troll that thread. I fell asleep before I got halfway through it. Who would have thought that scrapbookers could be so cunting dull?

  10. Yeah, I soon realised that I couldn’t live up to my claim. I knew they were gonna be dull, but I was looking for some real emotion on there, not just mild disapproval and Christian judgement. Fuck.

  11. still;- “clutchable pearl necklace” written, coincidentally by daanibee.
    Do you think she was trying to fill her own forum up with trolls?

  12. Highly likely. She’s obviously bored there.

  13. This is dumb, I guess they think its funny? I don’t think its real, based off how they’re holding their stomachs awkwardly, and the fact that they all have hoodies on, probably to make it look more real, the only funny thing is if it isn’t real that it will be a reality before they even graduate

  14. I porked all three of them a while back. I like underaged chicks with bellies.

  15. I know there is such a thing as classes in some high schools where the kids wear pregnancy bellies and take home fake babies to try to discourage teen pregnancy. I’m just going to sit here and pray that this is what this is.

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