Saturday, March 5, 2011

Couple of Crazy Moms

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  1. Sex on a waterbed, however, “fucking SUCKS”

  2. and maybe its just the angle of the picture on the secon one, but her boobs look extremely disproportioned

  3. breakingconformity

    I disagree with you there, candid… I had sex on a waterbed once, and it was kinda awesome.

  4. well i guess it depends on the kind of waterbed then…i kept getting knocked in the head by the bed when the waves would circulate. kept losing balance, and actually fell off the bed. after that i gave up.

  5. I can’t figure out what would be so great about a tempurpedic…

  6. sdrawkcabrolyat

    I just think it’d make the sex sweatier..because you sink in the mattress..but the person on bottom sure would be relaxed!

  7. breakingconformity

    I found that the waterbed sort of amplified the movement, if you know what I mean.

  8. Mmmmm, strech marks.

  9. I had a waterbed for 20 years(both wavy and waveless)and mostly they’re for sleeping. The floor is more fun.Currently I have a TP and it’s better than a waterbed, but still not as good as the floor ;o))

  10. Is anyone else tired of parents posting something about sex on their kids’ statuses? It’s getting old.

  11. Looks kinda like a french maid outfit, maybe this is a halloween party pic. It’s the day when lots of women who aren’t trashy will dress slutty just for fun. Be something you aren’t for a night, that’s the whole idea. (But watch where you post those pics.)

  12. Either her arm is stretched forward REALLY far to take that picture, or those are the most uneven tits I’ve ever seen. And the stretch marks? Really?

    DO NOT WANT UR MOM TITS, ya hoe. Put those things away.

  13. I think her right arm is smashing her boob a little. But they still look uneven.

  14. real breasts are not perfectly symmetrical. and if they have been through a pregnancy and fed babies, they tend to show it in one way or another. i say good for her for being proud enough of her body to show it off to whomever, even if she doesn’t look like a porn star.

  15. She is really living up to the “#1 Mom” necklace.

  16. Well, considering she’s fat and has a chest tattoo, it’s a good thing #1 mom advertises. I’d never take the time to unload my pee fetish on her otherwise.

  17. @mamalumps

    Errr….yeah…”whomever” shouldn’t include all of Facebook. That’s kinda disgusting. I love my mother, but I wouldn’t want to see her funbags hanging all out on Facebook! There’s just some photos you should never post, and a bird’s-eye view of your motherly tits is one of those things.

    There’s something to be said for a bit of discretion and self-control.

  18. I like titties with character.

  19. Really, mamalumps? You think it’s a good thing that she is “proud enough of her body” to act like a trashy slut?

  20. You guys. Mamalumps is clearly the lady in the picture. Duh.

  21. just living up to my name.

  22. @idontknow: yes, really. gasp!

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I bet everybody who clicked like on that status has never had sex before.

  24. dukey… I wish i could like your comment…

  25. Well, mamalumps, I suppose if you ARE a nasty whore, you shouldn’t try to hide it. Carry on.

  26. Have we yet to understand that just because its “natural” or “normal” or “all about being yourself and PROUD of what you look like” doesn’t make it okay or beautiful. Like stretch marks and showing them off. Not okay. Awkward looking titties, not beautiful. And if my normal and natural opinion that allows me to be myself and proud, offends you…you can suck on it.

  27. Things like this make me proud that neither of my parents have a facebook.

  28. Nice stretch marks, Chesty McTits.

  29. blondebimbo- wanna scissor?

    Okay no but seriously. Just cause you are fine with your body doesn’t mean you should show it off to the whole Innernette. Take me for example… I love my booty but damn I don’t have pictures of it EVERYWHERE. Fuck.

    Also I’m drunk.

  30. #27 you tell them girl… oh and suck on what exactly?

    Anyway forget about the titties, forget about the dollar store necklace. Focus on those star tattoos, they’re much more interesting. They would make a great time-lapse project, taking a daily picture for about 30 years. The resulting movie would represent something that would look like an animated falling star.

  31. MsBuzzkillington

    Maybe she has the best breast milk. She deserves a necklace for that.

  32. @Lulz, thanks for the offer girl, any time, any place. Seriously, though, people forget that when you’re gross and you put it online I then have every right to call you nasty. And I’m sure you have a FABULOUS ass…but THANK YOU for not displaying it for the world.
    @stoma, I’m going to have to say they can suck on her stretch marked titties. Yeah, I’m going with that.

  33. OK. I’m a big girl, with big tits, but I can safely say that I don’t have any stretch marks on them. And god, if I did, I would not publicly display them proudly. WTF people?

  34. CommentsAtLarge

    Drunk + camera = potential disaster (however sober posting of drunken pictures is even worse).

    Blondie and Lulz I’d say to make this scissoring a reality and post pictures, but that would go against the “putting it all on display” thoeries expressed above.

  35. But what if we’re unashamed Comments? What if we’re proud! SHouldn’t the world be able to see?!?! And if they see and don’t like they are not allowed to have an opinion if they think it’s gross…because fuck opinions.

  36. CommentsAtLarge

    Well of course Blondie, it’s you right to put it out there, other people be damned!

    (just for the record, I actually totally agree with you guys, I was just playing off the good ol’ pics-or-it-didn’t-happen with the girl/girl lovin’)

  37. CommentsAtLarge


  38. No stress Comments, I figured that was the case.

  39. CommentsAtLarge


  40. If my mother posted a picture like that, (Thank God she never would)I would murder her. A tit shot? Seriously? How desperate.

  41. I’ve has sex on a Tempupedic. It was not fun. It was actually one of the main reason I got a new bed.

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