Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonderful Wins

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  1. I don’t get the first one. The other two are mildly amusing.


  3. Donna, everybody knows Obama doesn’t have a shadow he also doesn’t see a reflection when standing in front of a mirror.

    John, wtf?

    Kenny you will fail, it’s awfully difficult to ride a cow or horse whilst having a shit.

  4. Cannot understand the hate for Obama by some Americans. Looking at it from the outside in, the image and perception of the US has risen since he has been in office.

    Is it latent racism? Please enlighten.

  5. I imagine some of them “special” rednecks feel vaguely threatened by Obama’s intelligence.

  6. Obama is awesome, he has progressive values that will do America a lot of good domestically and internationally. Name a bad move he has made, he’s doing a great job cleaning up the shit Bush left behind.

  7. The first one is just stupid. Really. Obama jokes aren’t funny anymore. I would make a political rant, but I know shit about politics and this is not the place for it anyway.

  8. Ah, WP saves the day again.

  9. Oh good, some racist bitch raised her ten year old to also be a racist bitch. Little kids making political jokes is just sad. All they know about politics are what they hear from the maniacal ravings of their retarded parents.

  10. i don´t get the joke on the 2nd, please enlighten a non-native-speaker 😉

  11. Mallexxx- how old are you? Cos if you’re under 16 then there’s someone on here called imamofo who could show you how that joke works.

    I don’t care whether people like Obama or not cos I’m not American, just curious- what exactly has he done by way of following-through on his promises since being elected? Don’t ask don’t tell? Universal healthcare? It’s all gone a bit quiet hasn’t it..?

  12. Peter File = Pedophille = Child molester.

    Fetch me a doctor, my sides just split.

  13. thx ron – did´nt occure that Peter File might sound like that 😉

  14. Dear Donna,

    Your ten year old Grandson is a precocious little brainwashed fuckpig who has no redeeming qualities. His future is hopeless. He should be sent to Afghanistan now to provide some cannon fodder for the front line, you tyrannical, social conditioning fucking shrew. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Iced Tea.

    All my Love,
    Imamofo XxX

  15. #10 #11 #12

    Don’t want to spoil your fun but am going to do it anyway. I do not get the second post either.

    The guy says that his name is on that list. He posts as John on facebook and the name John is also on the list.

    It is not funny, even if his name had been Peter, it still wouldn’t be funny.

  16. It’s not funny. Unless you’re 14.

    ‘Peter File’ sounds like ‘Paedophile’. In the same way that ‘Hugh Jass’ sounds like ‘Huge Ass’, and ‘Mike Hunt’ sounds like something that will get you suspended from school for about 2-3 days. On average.

  17. cookpassbabtridge

    Peter File is funny on The IT Crowd….Not here.

  18. Paedophilia is never funny.

    Unless you’re wearing big fucking floppy clown shoes at the time in which case it’s a right barrel of laughs.

  19. Donna’s grandson’s joke isn’t anti-Obama, just generically anti-President. As such, it’s sad but funny but true.

  20. Not a single funny one. Come on, Lamebook…

  21. i hope no one actually thinks the obama joke thing actually happened. it’s been around since at least the late 80’s- i remember hearing it with clinton, and bush as well.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Why would donna expect a 10 yr old to say something profound?

  23. Boomstick, is it racist because he’s black? Because it seems more like a jab at his policy. There are some people who don’t give a fuck that he’s black and seem to have more of a problem that he is a democrat.

  24. Hey, Anders, #6 is not me, but as it turns out, I sort of agree with what is written there.

    Alternate word, good job on creating the account. I didn’t think that was still possible. But you probably did it back when it was, right? Either way, it’s been done to death, but… whatever.

  25. Still don’t get the first one. I get that some people wouldn’t like Obama, because his name is really similar to Osama, but I don’t understand the lack of shadow.

  26. sprucay are you not from the US? We have “Groundhog’s Day” in which (obviously it’s just a stint of tradition) the groundhog comes out of his hole, and if he sees his shadow that means that are 6 more weeks of winter. Or something like that. Basically, it was supposed to be funny, but it was stupid because it was a. copied from elsewhere and b. just an idiotic joke anyways.

  27. oh lololol donna, your grandson’s mom is SO funny… jfc, these idiots. this is how kids grow up to be morons.

  28. Grow up! It was just a joke, not racist. Not one thing about him being black was stated in that joke. The point was same s*it different day=groundhogs day. You people who were offended by that don’t have any problem saying bad things about Bush, or is that ok because he is white? It was funny. Get over it.

  29. cookpassbabtridge – that’s exactly what I thought as soon as I read it. The third one made me giggle though, hurrah!

  30. Ah, thankyou Wellthen! No, I’m from the UK. You’ve killed two birds with one stone, because I always wondered what groundhog day was too.

  31. I don’t like Obama. I could care less that he’s African-American or a Democrat (and, no, I’m not a Republican…they’re just as stupid). He’s against the industries that put food on my table and a roof over my head. Actually, I don’t like any politians, so I would have found this hilarious no matter which politian they put in place of Obama.

    As for the second post, I love funny names. Like my name. Yes, Jacq (Jack) Goff is really my name.

  32. Dawn of the Dan

    Obama’s current approval rating would be 20 percent higher if he was white, I guarantee it.

  33. Brother don’t get no love, you see?

  34. We told that joke on LBJ back in the 60’s, and Nixon, Ford and Carter in the 70’s and it wasn’t racist then. Why is it racist now? Because Obama is black? Please. It is ok to tell a bad joke on and old white man but if it’s a black man it’s racist? GMAFB!

  35. blonde, rmarvin, loggedin: No, nobody said anything about him being African american in the original post, but try a little sensitivity; It wouldn’t be seen as racist if it was a white president because all american presidents but one have been white. You can’t argue that. No it’s not racist, but be patient with the people that think it is, centuries of psychological, physical, and financial opression are not going to be magically erased in in a mere few years. If you really want to help, don’t get angry.

  36. Dawn of the Dan, Obama’s current approval rating has nothing to do with him being black. It has to do with the fact that he is pushing things on our country that the majority of our citizens do not want. He is bankrupting our country.
    Paranoid Android, personally I would rather have the state of our country to be solid and have the rest of the world hate us than have the rest of the world love us while we have our pants down.

  37. I prefer to be loved with my pants down. Otherwise I chafe.

  38. Saff, that wasn’t anger, no cursing involved (the general give away that I am angry). I was questioning how they found it racist, and sorry, but I still think it’s a good question. I am sick and tired of people calling it racism every time someone makes a joke or disagrees with a policy or his general works in office. Last I checked we were still allowed to disagree with and make fun of our politicians. Just because someone is black or asian or mexican or white or male or female or gay or whatever does not mean I am going to treat them with any more or less sensitivity than I would anyone else. That’s equality, and what I thought we were shooting for.

  39. Maybe ‘anger’ was the wrong word. You know what I meant anyway, I don’t have Pep’s thesaurus handy.

    Yes we are shooting for that(at least some of us), we can make fun of them but we have to be aware of social history and not expect everyone to laugh just yet. Also, you’re right, it would be just the same if he was Asian, gay, female or from some other (previously) disadvantaged group- It’s going to take time. (IMHO) I think the best thing to do is to just be patient because saying otherwise will only fuel the fire.

  40. Just because someone has a problem with Obama doesn’t mean it’s because he’s black, my god. Can we PLEASE stop playing the race card? It’s because he’s a Democrat with socialistic policies! I’m so sick of hearing people call others racists because they dislike Obama, who is HALF WHITE by the way! For the record, I am not a Republican.

  41. hailstorm, you are a fucking racist. Why do you hate black people?

  42. This is why Obama is losing approval:

    “The National Debt totaled $12.440 trillion as of February 28, 2010, a new record for the largest national debt ever. This was up from a national debt of $12.279 trillion on February 1, 2010, meaning that federal government debt increased by approximately $161 billion in the month of February 2010 alone.”

    Americans are hurting and the government is in no position to help based on these figures.

  43. Also, President Obama is half white, so if you make a joke about him, just say it’s about the white half and no one will call you racist.

    I’m allowed to make jokes about the black half because I’m also black, and I’m allowed to make jokes about the white half because it’s reparations from slavery. If you’re not sure what you can do, just tell me your joke and I’ll deliver it for you.

  44. Cookpassbabtridge–lovely screen name. Smell my cheese!

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