Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sounds like it…


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  1. You couldn’t even write material this good.

  2. people who dig sparkly vampires and teenage romance are protecting our country? Awesome.

  3. Sparkly thugs are off the chain, yo!

  4. “all the twilight serious”

  5. I thought they didn’t allow gays in the military?


  7. why is everyone from the marine corp a fucking idiot?

  8. who wants cake?

    how much is an ass load, and is it really an adequate way of measuring fun? jw.

  9. What a combo. Rap and the US Marines and interest in GIRLS going together with Twilight.

  10. Yo, all I listen to is rap and hip-hop because I’m trying to fit in.

  11. i just hope that somebody hacked this person’s facebook and changed it to this. but somehow i doubt it.

  12. He’s an ass load of something, all right.

  13. Typical Marine.

    Whatever though, I’m in the military as well (not USMC) and we have our share of douchebags of the same caliber as well. D’oh.

  14. I think the ‘ass load’ might be his idea of fun. Stop capitalizing GIRLS and come out already

  15. I wish i was an ass load of fun. Damn it.

  16. Hah. Epic.

  17. You like “GIRLS”? Who are you trying to convince

  18. The favorite quote thing was hilarious.

    “That don’t even sound attractive…you mean I’m gonna hit it and die?”

  19. I imagine he WANTS to be in the Marine Corps, but probably in a more “LOL CALL OF DUTY IS AWSUM I WANT TO DO TAT IN RL LOLOLOL SNIPER LOLOL” way than in any seriously thought over way.

  20. his quote is from a katt williams stand up about getting high

  21. “You like “GIRLS”? Who are you trying to convince”

    That’s clearly an acronym. Guys In Real Life.

  22. FAGGGET! hahaha

  23. Well, he DOES have the USMC under “Activities”. We’ve got that, Twilight and an ass load of fun … let’s read between the lines, shall we?


    Delete “load of fun to hang out with!”
    Replace with “hole” or “bandit”


  26. @ redpanda

    Regardless of sex, Twilight is lame!

  27. John Players Standard

    All the twilight serious.

  28. #25 the fact that it’s a Marine and the interest says GIRLS is a pretty good clue it isn’t female.

    I acttually really hope this person is lying about being a Marine. This is disgraceful.

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