Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thanks Greg?


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  1. Those poor kids in China

  2. Lest any of you forget that it’s all about Greg:

    It’s all about Greg.

  3. Oh man no more bench press for a long-ass time. That’s definitely a great reason to be depressed I say…

  4. Man, raising a kid without weed must suck, dude!

  5. Treypod and Greg should download the recovery program from T.A.R.A.

  6. Once again a parent has to come through and proclaim their problems are either way worse because they have a child or their life is way better because they have a child.

  7. What-am-I-doing-here?

    Anyone else getting any gay vibes from that?

  8. Greg is the kinda guy who asks how you’re doing and then waits (not always patiently) for his turn to fill you in on all the Greg-ventures of his own…

  9. And I suppose Greg suffers from Immaculate Conception Syndrome too.

  10. Hold up, Greg, you got it EASY. I’m weaning three premature babies and an orphaned coyote on my teats, which are halfway to my knees right now, that is if I HAD knees, thank you Iraq, plus my autistic mother-in-law knocked over my crack pipe last month and broke it, I haven’t pooped since Friday, shit’s ALL up in this mother.


  11. Okay NeNe’s response = epic win, I got tears laughing so hard.

  12. can you please tell me greg’s last name? I feel like i should send him some money or something.

  13. Of all the impoverished countries to choose from in the world, why pick China?

  14. NeNe-

    Can we date please?

  15. Getting gay vibes from that, too. John wants to hug shirtless Trey, Jared wants to get in there with John, lonely Greg is crying out for company from all of them, and Thomas is sad they can’t “bench press” together. What’s bench press a euphemism for?

    Not that using lonnnng, ass, and blows in the same sentence means you’re gay. Unless you use it with someone named Trey.

  16. Lmao, NeNe you’re golden.

  17. Hey, I am gay for greg. really. I hear he is a good looking blonde guy and rocks. Oh wait, this isn’t the right greg. However I am still gay. Seriously. I also have red hair and skininy arms and a protruding belly. Any takers?

  18. Lmao thomas you are hetero to the max. ultra cock hetero

  19. I don’t know about this, Greg sounds pretty cool

  20. Greg: “I’m sorry you’re depressed. Anyway, let me make everything all about myself as I share my own depression.”

  21. That’s not all true Alex, he *did* mention the kids in China.

  22. Wow Greg. Way to broadcast to the world that you are a self centered asshat.

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