Monday, July 20, 2009

Rafael gets it for free


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  1. You know you’ve got a gay when…

  2. Laughing Hysterically

    “some dude offered ME 1k to suck and swallow ME”

    I’m really confuzzled. Who is doing what here? He is blowing himself and the other guy is watching for 1k?

  3. A dude is paying him to let him suck his dick, it looks like.

  4. As if the actual status wasn’t enough! The comments just have to go that bit further.

  5. Keepin’ it Klassy in Kalifornia…

  6. Good lord. I’m gay and this offends me to my core. People, there’s this thing called dignity. You should look into getting some.

  7. Justin is one of those “I’m not gay, I just get paid to let old queens suck my cock…”

    About six months later its “I’m not gay, I just get paid to take it in the ass in male porn…”

    Another six months later its “I’m not gay, I just got married to Steve in Iowa because he’s the only person who understands me…”

  8. ghey

  9. Gay.

  10. Jimbo, I didn’t notice your comment when I posted. I’d love to do you 😉

  11. @Frank, that was exactly what I was thinking.

  12. It appears that he prematurely “shot his wad” over this one.

  13. el oh el

  14. gay gay gay

  15. Ok people…. yes we see that he is gay and so is his status update. Anyone got anything else to say, something funny or witty maybe? Captain obviously can leave the building now.

  16. Captain Obviously huh? Sounds like the superhero for the slow. Or in your case Zzz…, the sleepy.

  17. How about the fact that he’s not wearing a shirt in his profile pic?

  18. why doesn’t he get paid for it instead of letting rafael do it for free? i mean, it’s clear he hasn’t met rafael either. wouldn’t you take $1000 over some back alley hookup? or maybe you know each other after you send some pictures of your dick…

  19. oh no

    he got pix too

  20. God, I HATE it when guys proposition me JUST because I’m naked in my profile pic. What do I look like, a greased, tanned, manicured piece of meat with low self-esteem? Eww? Oh wait, you think I’m sexy? Tell me more. Duh, I have photos of my cock. You might need to buy a bigger computer monitor because my cock is sooooo big. And it’s TOTALLY mine, ha ha ha.

  21. ^^

    Uh.. hmmm.

  22. WHAT THE SHIT!? these people are f**ked

  23. Buddy, a blind person wouldn’t even mistake your for an escort.

  24. do i look like an escort to you?? Well…you re thinking of accepting the job..soo..

  25. If I had a penis, anyone who wanted to could suck it. Who’d pay for that?

  26. glad to know a “str8” dude knows his way around a popper cause that’s not like some drug that makes you asshole gap like crazy so people can fist-fuck you.

  27. @dgrin said half of what I wanted to say. Kinda random thing to mention if you’re st8.
    Well as a matter of fact, what the fuck, if you’re straight you don’t mention shit like being proposition to either, unless you’re a self-centered douche who thinks being propositioned to means you’re special. I love how he pretend to be disgusted at it, and yet he goes into such detail. He’s obviously proud of being hought of as a bitch-for-hire.

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