Monday, July 20, 2009

We Live in Hard Ass Times


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  1. knowing how to properly spell is a good start on getting back into education

  2. Coz your thoughts are way up your hard ass…now move along!!!

  3. I realize I’m not the smartest person in the world, but how can people be so stupid?

  4. The school she is trying to get into is SIXTH GRADE…

  5. Sweetheart, perhaps a real school isn’t in the cards for you. Maybe you are good enough for cosmetology school. You could also just find a successful guy and “oops” him into a pregnancy. That’s a popular way for female failures to get by.

  6. is she serious?

  7. New civil rights landmark in the making: Brittany v. Board of Bducation.

  8. the “b” isn’t even near the “e” on the keyboard….

  9. Maybe she’s been rejected by universities because she uses the word “tryna” too much in application essays.

  10. the Recession, a proper noun instituted by the white man to keep this person from being employed.

  11. I try to stay one step ahead of the white man, which is why I’m living in the Depression. Plus I’m gainfully employed by the Board of Bducation.

  12. how do you misspell education? The B and E aren’t even close to each other.

  13. She also used “ass” three times in two sentences, and replaced a word with the number “4.”

  14. Bitch needs more bducation.

  15. I think I’ll just stick to xkcd’s game and imagine that “hard ass time” was hyphenated like this: “hard ass-time.” The implications of that are more interesting.

  16. Her ass must really be hurting……

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