Friday, January 6, 2012

Watch What You Like…

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  1. The day Lamebook advertises free pornsites, 06/01/2012. NOW WE’RE FUCKING TALKIN!!!!!!

  2. How many here followed the link and clicked “like”?
    Only me?

  3. People are so damn stupid. And I don’t even mean the guy that clicked like. It would have been funny if it was like “SUPER GAY MALE ON SHEMALE BONDAGE AND WATERSPORTS!” But this is the most mundane of mundane porn. I more wanted to punch the “You should delete this…” people in the face. It’s vaginas people.

  4. As Larry the Cable Guy said, it’s a billion dollar industry, and Little Prince Rubert is the only pervert.

  5. I haven’t felt the need to click “like” on anything for a good couple of weeks now, I really feel like i’m maturing and becoming more independent. Also, i’d rather not inform my family of my preferred masturbating material.

  6. It looks like Tyler is naked in his profile pic anyways

  7. hmm, if he’s got a naked profile picture and a recent ‘like’ to an embarrassing page, maybe he’s been fraped?

  8. ^woah there, Lady. Put your rational thinking and logical conclusions away. They got no place here -.-

  9. Yeah! Take your rational thinking over to YouTube where it belongs!

  10. It looks more like a mirror pic, with his black phone in the middle. Jus sayin

  11. oh come on bell end, what does # 8 & 9 say? lamebook is no place for rational thinking!!

  12. Although, you can probably disregard Annie’s comment, she’s confused, and too busy singing for a living after her parents died cos they couldn’t bear to be the parents of such an ugly child.

  13. ^^ Hopin’ that’s not too far. Whereas this one…You know your girlfriends too young when you have to make choo choo noises to get your dick in her mouth. Gospel.

  14. They probably just saw the ginge peeping out the minge and cut their throats right there in the delivery room.

    Am I doing a troll?

  15. No, Bell. A troll is more like this:

    Angry Birds sucks. I prefer Penguin Catapult.

  16. Hey beatus, you never know, he might be doing a troll. Oi bellend, get a picture of your wench up and I’ll let you know if you’re doing a troll or not.

  17. Oh no, I didn’t tell you I’M A GIRL ON THE INTERNET WAH

  18. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Good site. Seems to have a lot of amateur stuff on it, which is exactly the kind of porn I like. Feels kind of intimate when you know it’s real people.

  19. As opposed to robots.

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