Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mom Chimes In

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    I want Jack’s doctor.

    And maybe his Mum…

  2. WTF are those guys meant to be showing us? Eww look at the pure state of them!

    So I’ve missed a few days, anyone care to give me a run down of events?

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    Curlypuffins, I believe they are showing us white trash in it’s natural habitat. As for the run down, well same shit different day as far as I can tell.

  4. This is the endangerd alpine trash breed, you can tell based on the log cabin and coats. Most forms of white trash would die in an environment that cold. This certainly is a rare breed.

  5. I as well were a coat and really short shorts/underwear

  6. And how the hell can you sleep if you are up all night having sexual intercourse??

  7. @Hawkbit, who says you have to have sex at night??

  8. talk about any facebook user you want anonymously,

  9. That’s not white trash…those are them damn dirty hippies I’m always hearing about.

  10. @jasminelei13, you are right, there are many other times during the day Jack could get off. However, given that Jack is complaining about his sleeping problems, I think that the sexual intercourse should be done at or close to, bed time.

    You see JasmineLei13, when a male and female have intercourse, the male usually finishes first. Because of that our creator equipped males with an unique gland that produces a heavy sedative right after the excretion of the last drop of reproductive juice. This is a deep rooted self defense mechanism to prevent death by boredom, since the female will engage in mindless chatter right after the male retreats.

    I am sure your parents will talk you through this at a more appropriate age.

    I hope this answered your question, enjoy your stay here at lamebook.

  11. PS Jasminelei13, please be careful on the internet. Even on this site, there are a lot of disturbed people commenting, so do not trust anyone. Imamofo, however, you can trust. I am sure he will do his best to protect you from harm, in his own unique way.

  12. Well @Comments I usually miss everything, so that makes a nice change.

    stomabeautel, I’m glad you set her straight. Mofo’s just the sweetest thing. Wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  13. Thanks stomabeutel, this explains my constant tiredness and for a completely unrelated question, does wanking produce the same outcome?

  14. You are welcome Android and to answer your question, no it does not. During and after masturbation, males produce large amounts of endorphin and adrenalin to maintain a state of high alertness.

  15. I come here to learn every single thing I know. This is like the new Wikipedia, except no one can edit the ‘facts’ so you can be totally sure it’s all correct.

    Lamebook: the site that’s always rite.

  16. I’ve found that if i’m having trouble sleeping a good 19 gram dose of uncut heroin sorts me right out and sends me right off.

    No, No don’t thank me, I’m always here to help fuckwits.

    Before leaving my parents home sleep was never a problem. My mum was apparently a better mother than that frigid ice bucket bitch Barb.

    jasmine I am quite willing to take you under my wing as long as you can confirm the best time of day to try heaving one into you.

  17. lamebook: like Wikipedia but with actual facts plus extra added special sauce.

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