Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It’s Typo Time!

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  1. “Now listen here, Alot. You need to focus more on school.”

  2. I love the 1st one!

  3. Codename Dutchess

    If Ms. Mie wants to be hypercritical about everyone’s grammar she should probably take a refresher course and not interject a random capitalization when attempting to get high and fucking mighty.

  4. …or forget a freaking apostrophe!

  5. Quite indeed.

  6. in Mie’s defense, she probably had the ‘red mist’ when she was typing that.
    And if chuck is an irl friend – not just a facebook loser – then I hope she takes the time to put on a pair of steel-cap boots, drive to his house and cunt him in the fuck.

  7. MsAnne, please. I believe you mean ‘aerate his aardvark.’

  8. No, Mad, I think this time she means “crush his balls with steel-toed boots.”

  9. was i not clear?

  10. Unfortunately, Chuck has never laid them right, first time or otherwise.

  11. Carla quite what? Oh my god the suspense is killing me.

  12. ^wow. What an awesome comment. I love you Lola. As a show of appreciation, I’m going to perform cunnilingus on your pink taco.

  13. *blue waffle

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