Monday, November 28, 2011

Corrected and Ejected

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    Nicely played Caleb and Megan.
    Nicely played…

  2. second?

  3. Kelly is right. Maroon does mean idiot. It’s what Bugs Bunny used to say.

  4. Are you fucking kidding me?

    There are 2 forms, adjective and noun. The form of “single” used in that post IS a noun.

  5. Also what xlogan123 said.

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  7. What GVBlack said and what GVBlack said about what xlogan123 said.

  8. If the spammers could actually speak English they would have a much better chance of someone giving a fuck. Lamebook must be accepting money off them for their “advertising”.

  9. What humperdinck said.

  10. Caleb is single

  11. you say that like it’s a bad thing.

  12. Kitchen jokes are older than bacon jokes, the internet just amplified it, ruining it even more than it already was the first 5000 times

  13. Uh Walter, humperdink, GVBlack, and xlogan123 are all wrong. Unless we’re talking about a song (like “hey did you hear the new single?”), ‘single’ is an adjective. ‘Single’ used in the post IS an adjective. Jeebus.

  14. Okay, single in this case is, in fact, a noun. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be. A man isn’t a single, as implied by the definition.

  15. Unless I’m unaware of the usage of describing a single man or woman as “a single”, the definition in the post is an adjective.

    I’ve never seen “single” being used as “the woman in the bar was hit on by a bunch of singles”.

  16. noun
    1 an individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group.
    • a short record with one song on each side.
    • ( singles) people who are unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship : [as adj. ] a singles bar.
    • Brit. a one-way ticket.
    • a bedroom, esp. in a hotel, that is suitable for one person.
    • a single measure of liquor.
    • informal a one-dollar bill.
    2 Baseball a hit that allows the batter to reach first base safely.
    3 ( singles) (esp. in tennis and badminton) a game or competition for individual players, not pairs or teams.

  17. @samwise,

    what about this sentence…

    “the woman dancing on the bar was hit by a bunch of singles”

    or “Singles Night”

  18. ^
    ..or “Swingers party; partners only, no singles.”

  19. Yeah, there are “singles’ cruises” and other things like that. Single is definitely a noun in this context. Maybe not a common one, but still correct.

  20. Ah, the internet: Where grammar is defended and then betrayed in more confusing fashion than my ass when I was an altar boy.

  21. So the fact that dumbass Megan has apparently never watched an episode of Looney Tunes and called Kelly ironic, is actually ironic.. right?

    I fucking hate that concept.

  22. What Soup said.

  23. eugene snorkelbender

    Samwise is right, ‘single’ when referring to someone’s relationship status is not a noun it’s an adjective, therefore the definition is wrong. It should be ‘bachelor’ or ‘celibate’… Yes ‘celibate’.
    It can be both.
    So fuck off.

  24. Or like last weekend when I was heading out to the dance studio. I only had 50’s in my wallet so on my way out I had to go to the kitchen and ask my wife if she had any singles.

  25. hehe ‘dance studio’.

  26. vaginalroundhouse

    Single(adjective) – A woman who does not take care of herself physically.

  27. From Merriam Webster:

    Single (noun)

    Definition of SINGLE
    a : a separate individual person or thing
    b : an unmarried person and especially one young and socially active —usually used in plural

    Pretty sure noun is correct.

  28. @snowblower

    The context in which “single” was used predicates that it is indeed, an adjective. Not a noun.

  29. @ swampmonster:


    what about this sentence…

    “the woman dancing on the bar was hit by a bunch of singles””

    As I said, I’ve never seen “single” being used like this (as a noun) before. Probably just my ignorance. Carry on.

  30. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    How could someone read Kelly’s post and not think of the Bugs Bunny cartoon? Unless Megan’s some sort of Bugs-hating communist.

  31. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    And, yeah, single has become a noun to mean both single people and $1 bills. It’s a colloquialism.

  32. I watched Looney Tunes when I was young (I didn’t really have any other choice. Long, irrelevant story.) and I hated them and thought they were stupid/boring, thus I don’t remember many specifics, which includes the word “maroon” being used. However, I do remember that I hated Bugs Bunny worst of all in any of the shows. I hated how cocky and smug he was and I constantly wished Elmer Fudd would one day succeed in murdering him.

    I’ve always preferred the characters others didn’t (Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, the cat that is sexually harassed by Pepe, Sylvester, etc.), but there was a special place of hatred reserved for Bugs Bunny.

  33. Crane, I personally think you’re insane and have horrible taste, but I’m a giver, so here you go:

  34. Soup beat me to it at 36. Of course, I was gonna tell him the episode name, so at least this saves him some time.

    And people can begin sparing us their splitting hairs over the noun vs. adjective nonsense anytime now. The chick screwed up, got called out on it, fair and square. You can hold the utmost respect for women and still LYFAO at this. Easily-offended women are allowed to do the same, just let it happen—you’ll feel much better.

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