Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Infectious Updates

U can join here…

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  1. @49 You can cure pregnancy with a coat hanger, fyi

  2. It’s like that time a fetus was found floating in the toilet at my work. Self abortion ftw.

  3. I concur with Cindy. Although it is more a sexually _caused_ disease than transmitted, since sex does not transmit all the components needed for the disease.

  4. nuff, in the men’s toilet?

    Eh. We don’t call them STD’s here in Aus any longer. The PC tern these days is STI. Boring.

    It’ll always be just plain old VD to me.

    I don’t think Cindy’s comment is funny or clever at all – not because I’m a kid-lover, but because it doesn’t fit with the status question.

  5. Actually, none those commenting on the status question offer anything remotely interesting or amusing.

    That post is just dumb.

    As are the others.

  6. After reading this entire post and all the comments, all I can really remember is someone mentioned “Broncos”.

    This is what I get for living in Bronco country.

    And STDs jokes are boring.

  7. We need to keep trolling FHsGirl so we can have a new meme

  8. dietpillpyramidscheme

    It think it stood for ‘Fresh Herpes Girl’?

  9. bwhaha actually I thought this thread was quite funny. Lots of good one liners and comebacks.

  10. Same here slippyslappy. The thread was more entertaining than the post. So ummm, where did FHsGirl go??

  11. She bitched out more than she could handle, probably thought it best to quit.

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