Friday, May 10, 2013

Fetish Fail

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  1. I got side burns to my ball fro!

  2. That’s nice, Steeeever.
    Real nice…

  3. fetish in the modern sense has been watered-down to mean loving something anyway, so I dunno what this idiot is on about.

    For the record, fetish (as opposed to ‘sexual fetish’) means to think there’s religious life/power in an object, like a voodoo doll or somesuch.

    But lamebookers are all pretty educated sons and daughters of bitches so I figure you all knew that!

  4. I’m going to smear shit all over you then fuck you.

  5. ^thats a sick fetish

  6. ^That’s actually a sick sexual fetish. On a side note, my side burns ran out of fuel.

  7. crustylovelips

    Who are you going to smear in shit? That’s just two girls one cup, it’s been done already dude.

  8. Sideburns don’t make you fat.

  9. Fake.

  10. necrophiliac64258

    I don’t have a fetish

  11. ^Irony. Nailed it.

  12. Neckbeards don’t make you fat. But there’s a definite correlation

  13. This person is the type who would be into all kinds of freaky shit…red karls, Monroe transfers, extreme S&M, Japanese devil dogs, dirty sanchez, alabama grave digger, mexican donkey shows, cleveland steamers, texas puppet that kind of thing.

  14. Hey #13 what about jelly donuts I’ve always liked those.

  15. so wat if its been done b4 have blowjobs but thats not stopping u now is it

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