Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday?



Oh Felicia you are definitely one for sweet birthday greetings.  I assume your message was too long to be written with icing on a cake and that’s why you posted it online instead.  Every year my grandmother sends me a birthday card and I gotta tell you, the message is NEVER as good as this!  I can only imagine what wonderful things you will have to say to your own grandchildren some day.

Also, I wish you had mentioned shooting Gandhi into outer space a while ago when he was still alive … because ironically, it’s a little known secret that Gandhi did, in fact, once wish that he could be shot into space before blowing out his 76th birthday candles.

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  1. She has near perfect spelling. That has to count for something?

  2. …someone’s bitter…

  3. …said the cannibal.

  4. Does she not realize that both Gandhi and Mother Theresa are dead?

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