Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From the Album: Hard Feelings


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  1. Douche Alarm… he’s like a smoke alarm, except the two big D batteries in his ass have been dead for years.

    …change your batteries, Douche Alarm.

  2. I think Brittney has better things to do in life than sit on here and listen to hypocrital comments. No, I am not Brittney in disguise, but I know these people who are starting this drama. As a matter of fact, Matt has seen this album and it doesn’t mind them. This couple is very great and they’re very happy, even with this bullshit going. The only problem is, is that this immature little girl won’t mind her business. Christine needs to foget about it and realize that everyone actually has moved on. Why do. You think Brittney went back to Matt? Cause she loves him, and makes her happier than what Sean can do. I heard Sean got into trouble? Maybe everyone should know that Sean isn’t as innocent and has been raided, has gone to jail plenty of times. He has slept with Brittney while he was with Christine. Because Christine can wear a scarf around her boobs, doesn’t mean she’s more attractive or appealing than Brittney. Matt is very lucky to have Brittney and Sean lost. Sean is not the real daddy of those children, and I don’t understand why Christine sticks up for him. Everyone on here who are making comments, are very immature. But we are all human and not all of us can grow up. Anyone who leaves negative comments just to get joy out of this is immature and needs to move on! This is done, the only person dragging this on is, Christine! She needs to be a mother and a role model and shut her mouth.

  3. mr popper's penguins

    i like how brittney is the only one who commented on her pic! and the album is great. because EVERYONE has photos in an album dedicated to their ex! *ahem* and their ex’s son. stalker? BRITTNEY?! NEVER!

  4. Damn! This turned into a knockdown dragout catfight! w00t!!!

    It’s like “as the fucking world turns, lamebook style”…

    ps. I want to see the scarf removed from around Christine’s boobs… I hear it’s covering a triple nipple.

  5. Laughing in your face!

    Wow, Stacy Stacy Stacy…for 1 I DID NOT post this picture, if I were to come up with such a genious idea I would admit it. And the only way any of you creepers could see this is if you went on my page to spy on me which is sick so I have no idea what the hell the Brittneys family shit is unless they are creeping too. 2 I am not 27…next time you decide to go creep on my page notice I was born in 84…do the math! 3 I am not nor have I ever been jealous of Brittney…she is the jealous one that can’t let things go. ( I have talked to a couple of people she knows and they have told me things ) LIKE….Brittney sleeping with Matt and Sean at the same time and just getting a new boyfriend when she needs a place to live which in my mind is a whore! I have never cheated on Sean and I don’t believe he was sleeping with Brittney when we were back together and it doesn’t matter what fake Ms Stacy M has to say! If you want to get into detail than we’ll go into detail. I did not give a rats ass that Sean and Brittney were friends…but she couldn’t only be friends with him. She was constantly calling him and calling him baby all over his FB and sending text messages that said things you don’t say when your with someone ( “I had a sex dream about you and I wish it would come true!” )I have seen the messages she has sent him…she is nuts!!!…and I do believe after Brittney broke things off with Sean and got RIGHT back with Matt she tried to get Sean back and he said NO!!!! He was talking to me like 3 days before she broke it off asking me how to let her down easy, so her doing it was a big relief. So tell me this…Sean was sleeping with her and me at the same time? So she was cheating on Matt then??? Hmmm….shady business!!! So yea…Sean asked her to stop calling him baby and she wouldn’t stop so I finally asked her to stop it and she replied “FUCK YOU BITCH!” ummmm….who started this whole thing??? Not me, I asked a girl to stop calling my boyfriend baby…such a simple request that should have been respected but SHE is very disrespectful. You are damn right that pissed me off and she got a good warning but kept up with arguing with me and made things worse. Sean had to tell her to leave him alone because she was getting really weird and telling him how she made the biggest mistake of her life by breaking up with him and fell in love with him and bla bla bla…they dated for a month ok…give me a fucking break! And for me being jealous that they have a past…barely. If you think the whole time they were together I was secretly jealous and plotting you are sadly mistaken…I dated people…he dated people, whatever. Things were let go for a couple of weeks and she randomly sends me a crazy message saying “the witch never dies” like WTF??? Then it started again…ended again and I was happy…she decides it would be a smart idea to comment a picture of my son (her own picture) saying “too bad it’s really not his kid!” WHAT??? This bitch doesn’t know me at all. You don’t drag someones child into the mix to get at someone because it’s humerous to fight online Brittney! Sean is the father of Caleb and I know and he knows this because I am not a whore like Brittney is. I don’t sleep with 2 guys at the same time because in my eyes it is sick. After she commented that picture she added a new one…this picture and relabled the album “My ex and I and his son”….that is not in the least bit crazy miss Stacy??? I saw the pictures because Sean was tagged and it was done purposly to piss me off and to restart all this drama. I let it go 2 times now and she just won’t stop being a stupid bitch so as long as she wants to do this we can do this. I am not afraid of her or any of you mystery people for that matter so there is no need to warn me. If she wants to come to me and appologize for putting all this stress on my family than she should grow a pair and do so. I am tired of this bitch and I wish she would just move on (because she still hasn’t) and be with Matt who is so fucking blind to what she is doing. And you can bet your ass I wrote him a message trying to get the point accross…but he loves her too much to believe the truth and it’s sad. Keep walking all over that nice man Brittney, see where you get with it! But yea…was that enough for you or do you want more? I’m tired of this BS. Brittney needs to get help and everything will be back to normal.

  6. My apologies to your age, but still at 24, no one needs to drag something like this out. Despite of Brittney “trying” to piss you off with these pictures of Sean, I don’t think that was the whole meaning of this. I know myself, I have pictures of my ex, and they have girlfriends. But everyone of these girls realize that it’s a past and they’re the ones going home with the guy…not me. I’m pretty sure they were dating longer than a month, and there were mutual feelings between Sean and Brittney, they both reached to a point where it was more. Sean has moved on, obviously, he’s with you…Brittney has moved on, she’s with Matt. Creeping? I don’t creep, I know better not to. I got this messaged to me a while back, ignored it, then realized that everyone is making false assumptions, and that this really should be between Brittney and Sean…not you. I don’t care who posted it anymore, but as an adult, you should’ve ask to take this down. It’s not worth the drama, and personally you’re the one causing stress on you and your family, because you brought Matt into it, and you haven’t asked the person who posted this to take it down. This whole thing can be easily deleted and forgotten about. All girls seem to go through this situation…where she tries to get back with her ex boyfriend, cause she has strong feelings…there’s nothing wrong with that. I bet in a point in your life, you went through it too. Respect Brittney, cause she is respecting you by not even talking. According to sources, you’ve been posting things on your Facebook about Brittney way earlier than when she called you a Bitch and Witch. Brittney loved your little boy, and I recall her always buying food for him and clothes. She has a right to feel like a good “role model” in his life, and she has the right to be able to post a picture of someone she adores. You should be grateful that Brittney has the courage to post a picture of your son, because she took care of him while she was with Sean. You’re so lucky that Brittney wasn’t one of those girls that passed your son along and didn’t care for him. Myself, I don’t care about kids, just cause I don’t have the patience for them, I would’ve probably forgotten all about your son! Sorry, but that’s just how it is. Making an album of Sean, saying “ex boyfriend,” blah blah blah, can be wrong, but it’s not really all that creepy. So what if she had lingering feelings for Sean. My ex boyfriend still has an album of me and him on his Myspace saying, “Me and My Ex.” I don’t talk to the kid, cause he’s an ex for a reason, but I’m not going to act upon it, I wont cause drama, I’m not going to bad mouth him…and neither has anyone else! Just stop passing judgment on Brittney. Really, you and Sean need to be the ones to say sorry, and forget about it. Because this has dragged on way too far now. I bet you, if one of you says sorry, Brittney will not bother you guys again. She’s so over it and it’s crossed the line with Matt.

    Matt does love Brittney, he will stick up for his love. What guy wont? He knows everything what Brittney did and has done. They have the most “open” relationship…they’re constantly on eachothers page, and very honest with eachother. There’s nothing to hide. Matt obviously isn’t doing anything about it, cause he’s being the bigger person. He told Brittney to stop. Sean needs to do the same for you! Or you just need to do it yourself.

  7. mr popper's penguins

    “They have the most “open” relationship…they’re constantly on each other’s page”. BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes. It’s not true love unless you post it on their Facebook wall!

    Team “Laughing In Your Face!” all the way. And Team Jolie-Pitt while we’re at it.

    Brittney’s friends sound about as retarded as she does. It’s not creepy to make an album titled “My ex and I and his son”, and it’s DEFINITELY not creepy to ADD a pic [pic shown above] after breaking up and post “back when we were happy lol before I knew he was only using me!”, then refer to him as a mexican. So this Brittney was happiest when she was getting “used” by this guy? What a dumb bitch. And then women *ahem* GIRLS like this wonder why guys have no respect for them.

  8. No, I am not “retarded” and neither is Brittney. That is very foul of you to call people retarded, especially when little children and adults are mentally challenged. You may need to think twice before you say certain words.

    The people on here, who are leaving derogatory comments, are very shallow and have no lives. You all need to grow up and stay out of the business of others. I’m trying to help Christine and Brittney so everyone can get going on with their lives. As to creepy, everyone on here is considered creepy then. How many of you, once you saw this picture, looked up Brittney on Facebook or Myspace? And you’re calling Brittney creepy…? Doesn’t make much sense. Cause you’re constantly on here checking up on what everyone has to say! You’re all so concerned about the next negative comment, that it’s very pathetic.

  9. meow! Damn bitches! call each other on the phone and/or meet in an alley… leave the smartass comments to the lamebook professionals and take your literal translation of the events elsewhere…

    ps my money is on Stacey, she is one mean bitch…

  10. mr popper's penguins

    One mean bitch? More like one dumb one! I have no fucking clue who any of you are. You’re getting over-excited about the opinions of people that you don’t even know! For example, you are upset that strangers are calling yourself and Brittney retarded, creepy, etc. Now me on the other hand? Call me whatever you want. No big deal. I have no way of looking Brittney up, as Lamebook doesn’t show her last name. I would imagine she is not the only Brittney on Facebook? But who knows. Everybody else on here is just having fun. People like Brittney make it too easy and people like you make it fun! Lamebook is fucking hilarious and so are the douches that are featured, and those who comment. Myself included, and now you too! Go look at some of the other posts of people you DON’T know and you may find humor in this site. As a matter of fact, I’ll even post the link to my more recent favorite, “Good ‘Ol Uncle Jenn”. You can thank me later.


    PS I’d be willing to bet ‘StaceyM’ is (or knows) ‘awwwshit’.

  11. Laughing in your face!

    You know what Stacy or who ever you are…I never wanted any of this to happen and no I did not post anything prior to her calling me a bitch. I had no problem with them being friends like I said before until she wouldn’t repect the fact that it’s not right to call someone elses boyfriend baby. I do not believe Sean developed anything for Brittney or he would have taken her back. He may have been trying to find what we had and it to him in his words “just wasn’t the same” I do not think he cheated on me and it’s wrong that you or Brittney would say Caleb isn’t Sean’s because that is false information. If Caleb wasn’t Sean’s than I must be the Virgin Mary because I wasn’t sleeping with anyone but him. I am not like that but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t know me. Brittney took this to the next level by posting things about my child…that is why I don’t give a shit about this post. And I don’t think this could be deleted anyway seeing as in lamebook is the one who posted this…someone just sent in the picture. Yes one of my friends did it but I had no clue about it until I recieved a message telling me about it. I thought it was funny so I posted it on my page…big deal. If it wasn’t lame than people would have just ignored it. But besides that I will NEVER appologize to Brittney, I have nothing to appologize for. I defended my relationship and thats how it is…I don’t need some girl trying to corrupt my family. If you think it’s right to be calling someone baby when both you and the other person have significant others than you are mistaken. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if you were in my shoes. I gave up on this a while ago but she always finds a way to stir me up again and that is not my fault so in my eyes she should be the one doing the appologizing! As for caring about my son…ummm ok if she really cared for him she wouldn’t post a negetive comment under one of his pictures. Everyone loves Caleb, he’s a charmer! And if I were to have an album of me and my ex Sean would be very upset with me and I don’t get why it doesn’t bother Matt…Any person I talk to about this says that it’s crazy to do something like that…I could see if this picture was already in the album but it wasn’t…she added it and changed the name of the album. That to me is creepy. And yes you had to of been on my page to know about my scarf picture (which someone wanted me to take for photo practice) and to know that Sean is in trouble. You can think what you want and of course your going to stick up for the person you know but I honestly don’t care about this shit and don’t feel like posting anything else about this. So have a great day and a great life 🙂 ~ C

  12. all's fair in love and war bitches

    ok voice of reason time “stacy” you have nothing to do with this so why dont you just drop it? and brittney if you could’nt be “just” friends with him why are you still apparently obsessed? and please dont take of my questions out of text these are hypothetical. i dont care what any of you two fucktards have to say back on the subject!!! i’m sorry were those to big of words for you two? sorry try this. shut the fuck up no one cares what you retards have to say. but thanks for the drama!


  14. Only using you, TO GET INTO AMERICA!


    What’s wrong with being Mexican?

  16. for a green card?

  17. @35 Yeah, I can tell you are WAY more mature than the ex. Kudos to the bf on the upgrade!

  18. Leave Brittney alone! /runsmascara

  19. I don’t see what’s SO lame about it. It’s not as funny as other stuff.

  20. there is a bitter place for her.

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