Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get It Grant

Get It Grant

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  1. TMI!!

  2. She got that from textsfromlastnight.com LAME
    Her name is Natery LAME

  3. this is from: texts from last night website – LAME to copy something like this!!!f

  4. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    @Cam I knew I had seen this somewhere else!

  5. lulz… just….. lulz…..

  6. Yeah, this person is even more pathetic since that’s not their original “wit” and everyone’s like “OMGZ! U SO FUNNY!” Who copies something from textsfromlastnight that’s gross anyway, just to get attention via facebook?

  7. And according to Andrew, this isn’t the first time she’s had this status, so:

    Unoriginal ‘wit’: LAME
    Name is Natery: LAME
    Not only stealing ‘wit’ but using it twice in order to gain attention: LAME

    Next, please.

  8. hmmm… I bet most people commenting here have used quotes from TV Shows and movies and other websites as their facebook status updates, so I really don’t have a problem with this person using something from textsfromlastnight.

    I think you’re all just trying to find something lame with it, simply because it’s on lamebook.

    Maybe her CHOICE of what to copy is lame… but moreover, I find Grant’s reaction a bit lame… pretending to be excited about marrying someone that gets so drunk that she confuses putting in a tampon with masturbating… but that’s about all that I see that is lame here.

  9. OK, girl talking about fingering herself = WIN!

    Doing it while on her period = Bloody Mess!


  10. @anonisgay – God invented washing machines and showers for a reason… finger away!

  11. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    @mcowles she’s not quoting anything; she’s trying to pass it off as her own. Therefore it is LAME.

  12. @donald trump… hmmm, maybe… I don’t always use quotes, when I quote tv shows… but that’s more because the people that I care about connecting it, would do so either way. I still think it’s fine, but oh well, to each his own.

    I bet Natery is fun to party with, even if her name kinda sucks.

  13. What a thick bitch.

  14. I can’t help but be reminded that our sweet n’ spicy, sauce covered chicken critters are only $8.99, a steal during “that time” or ANY time!

    tell ’em the Pepper sent you

  15. AllAnorakNoKnickers

    If I ever post a status like this, somebody shoot me; PLEASE.

  16. Queen Elizabeth II


  17. I wish I was this unoriginal in my life.

  18. No man ever needs to hear about this sort of thing.

    Shut the hell up about it.

  19. Messy! Thats all I have to say. hey Boz wassup

  20. I agree with Carley. I can’t stand how tampons are always sneaking into my house and going into my toilet.

  21. you'll thank me later

    I’m want to believe her name is Natalie but she thought it would be amusing to spell her name as if she is in Japan.

  22. you’ll thank me later:
    You stole my comment! I was pretty much going to write that or something very similar hahahaha I’m imagining my old Asian math professor trying to say Natalie.

  23. Was going to say “hope she’s still drunk to post a status like that” but then the TFLN connection was mentioned.
    Luckily I can still mock the absurdity of a name like Natery.

  24. Wow. She lacks class in a bad way.

  25. “…I want to scissor you while we’re on our periods and form a blood pact…” -Kinetic Poetics

  26. Hell, she didn’t try to pass it off as her own just once. Andrew said she had the same status the month before as well. She is copying something that she copied once before.

  27. This is off the website textsfromlastnight.com

  28. This is hilarious!

  29. Still pretty fucking funny though. To be fair, as a girl, I dont know where she was going wrong ahahaha

  30. saw this exact same thing as a text on texts from last night …
    did they just copy it or are they the same person?

  31. She was fingering herself on her rag?? lmao thats dirt!!

  32. @31. thats exactly what i was thinking. why has noone said that on her status?

  33. did she not realise her fingers were red?

  34. 31 and 32 – Boo freaking hoo.
    Seriously, it might not be the greatest thing in the world but sex/masturbating while you’re bleeding isn’t the most disgusting thing a person can do.
    Personally I find bloody sex a lot less off putting than anal.
    Or are you both straight up, missionary, kind of folks?

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