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  1. @Mnr Burger
    Woah please take the caps locks off, it’s obviously hurting my ears. Typing gay over and over again in capital letters isn’t going to make me think you any less of an idiot. This guy had a girlfriend, Will calls him a fag because he’d choose watching a load of buffed up guys running around on a football pitch over supporting her when she needed him; try not to take things too literally, let loose, you sound like an uptight faggot.
    Yes, yes that’s obviously what I was implying. Well done.

  2. I hope you both catch chlamydia

  3. I hope you both contract chlamydia

  4. @47. (Presumably sixkiller in a wicked disguise)
    If you’re going to pretend to be me, at least get the name right. While I agree we’ve had our differences, I would never go so far as to brazenly insult you by calling you SiXKiLLeR or the like…
    gay-father rape? Sure.
    Choking via semen? Yep!
    …this time you just went too far. :'(

  5. @Lame.

    Dude, you’re Lame.

  6. @ Jonas Screw Hurricanes!! We should have had that last touchdown!

  7. Brandon needs tivo, do the funeral, then watch the game.

  8. Go Gators!

  9. I was just making fun of you, I don’t want anyone associating me with Miami, I’m not a fan.

    I’m just sayin’

  10. Wow. Asshole indeed.

  11. mr. pizza, mein gott you’re an idiot. have you ever met a woman? like, ever? wanting to be comforted is very far from using someone to have sex, and it’s not disgusting. seek therapy for your issues.

  12. hilarious +1 for sure

  13. I propose that Mnr Burger is Brandon in disguise

  14. Well, if Stephanie’s grandfather wasn’t such an attention hog, none of this would have happened and they’d still be together. Thanks a lot Grandpa.

  15. @Trillian
    WTF? – I don’t ever watch football. I’ll rather go to some old fart’s funeral than watch football. Only sport I ever watch is F1 🙂

  16. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    buncha butthurt fags in here…and cunts, a lot of cunts.

  17. somwhereunderthesun

    this is the type of a girl I am scared like shit. She might even have killed her own granddad to make up a drama like this and fuck her bf’s night.. Scary scary..I would just say ”run away”.. oh and yes click ”like”

  18. that last line…fucking priceless lmao go Brandon!!!

  19. way to go, brandon…faggot

  20. Stephanie,your Grandpa died and your BF ditched sad.

  21. Maybe I’m being insensitive because I went through the loss of one of my actual parents and all my grandparents passed away by the time I ended my freshman year of high school, but — it’s just a grandparent, Stephanie. It’s not like you lost a sibling or parent. If you’d lost your dad or brother, you have every right to be pissed by your boyfriend’s non-presence, but grandparents have a funny way of dying on us awfully early (unless one came from a rather, um, uncultured family). Granted, if Stephanie was actually raised by her grandparents all of the aforementioned is moot, but since she never mentions that in her whining I’m going to have to assume that that is not the case here. Oh, and I went through my dad’s funeral perfectly well without having any significant others around “to cry in the arms” of and that allowed me to be there more for my mom than I would’ve had I been so selfish that I would’ve prioritized my own grief over hers, as Stephanie is doing over every other member of her family’s, including the parent whose parent passed away.

  22. @ Ann Onny Mouse: yeah that is ridiculously insensitive. I hate people like you that belittle someone’s loss saying “it’s just a ___”
    I would hate to be your significant other, I bet you’re a huge bitch.

  23. ak, dude, you’re a huge fag.

    ann onny mouse, good troll *pats head*

  24. I love football, but if someone close to me died, I don’t think I’d want to watch it as much as I’d want someone to be there for me. And at the end of the day, I can go back and check the scores and stats, but the pain of someone choosing a televised game over me wouldn’t go away as easily.

    But then, this is hitting home for me too because I just found out my grandmother might have cancer =/

  25. @ Amanda

    Umm…NO. I think you have the entire post confused. Stephanie didn’t watch football. Her bf did. And if you’re saying that Brandon is close to the grandfather of his gf (and not spouse) by some weird vicarious law then you couldn’t be more wrong. I agree that he should have comforted his gf BUT for you to say that the guy becomes CLOSE to the grandfather is dead wrong. In fact, feigning intimacy with a relative of your better half who you’ve never met is in fact a turn off.

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