Monday, September 7, 2009



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  1. i hate it when i fall and bruise my scrotum

  2. Does having a concussion mean nothing to you people?

  3. i really think the extras “‘s” wasnt needed but if thats true i have a few english teachers i wanna beat to a bloody pulp unfortunately one already died but id love to resurrect her ass so i could kill her personally (she was evil in general)

  4. and for the people who are gonna say theres no point in correcting grammar when u fuck it up urself i wasnt correcting anything cuz im one of the few lamebookers who doesnt give a fuck what ppl type but i was just pissed bout that shit cuz i thought it was common knowledge that there shouldnt be an apostrophe s if the word already has an s in it, plural or possessive and now im being told otherwise.

  5. @Eh, are you kidding?

  6. LOL, this was funny! I would just lol if I saw this on a friend’s status. If anything, the guy calling her an idiot is a dumbass for: a. Using your instead of you’re, and b. For just being a plain asshole.

  7. WTF, I’ve never seen this kind of font used in facebook. Do they edit shit around here?

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