Monday, September 7, 2009

Goooooold Diggggeeeerrrs


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  1. They’re obviously dating the same guy.

  2. funny you should say that cos one’s a twin and one was in a three way relationship

  3. @Bez That’s not funny.

  4. Death of a conversation…

  5. I love Mark. Mark ftw.

  6. Like omg my bf buys me stuff so hes the bestest in the whole world

  7. shmexy? Is that shmuck-speak for “sexy”?

  8. I like how buying her things is the first thing she uses to describe the greatness of her boyfriend.

    This is the kind of girl I will probably marry.

  9. Chloe is now listed as single.
    And seriously, who puts an accent on the “e” of chloe? Its a double dot (can’t remember the name of it) over the “o” if you have to get pretentious.

  10. jelly: Chloé is the French spelling, and thë “döüblë döts” you’re thinking of are called umauts.

  11. umlauts*

  12. And, Jelly, if you really need to put an umlaut on Chloe, it should go on the e, not the o.

  13. I almost threw up until I read Mark’s comment. He made this horrendously lame submission a little bit funny.

  14. haha nice one Mark.
    then i wonder why d-bags always get the girls.. must be that cash money

  15. i wanna shake marks hand !!

  16. I waaaant meee a giiiirlll whoooo can emmmmbelllish heeerr woooords

  17. oohhh noooo myyyy keeeeyybooaarddss stuuuckkkkk…

  18. Arf The Crime Dog

    people still say “shmexy” ?

  19. this is a weak submission.

    so is her named phonetically pronounced chlo(ay) rather than chlo(ee) because of the accent aigu or were her parents too ignorant to know the accent aigu is pronounced that way?

  20. Of course, if there’s cash there’s a chick around. ALWAYS

    Chloe’s boyfriend sounds like jailbait, assuming she’s over 18.

  21. She gets hundreds of pounds, just like a real hooker, but I bet her blowjobs are still only marginal at best.

  22. @Mikey

    There’s nothing worse than a “marginal” blow job.

  23. I love that for four full posts they argue over whose boyfriend is better. Rawr!

  24. yep…sexing the same dude

  25. Why don’t people type English properly anymore. My head hurts.

  26. Cunts!

  27. Is there a point writing xoxoxoxox everywhere? Or is it just there to add noise?

  28. @Ads G – marry me

  29. Bitches are expensive, its cheaper to hire hookers…

  30. Having a girlfriend can be expensive business. The solution?
    5 star dining at a 1 star price.
    Take your old lady out and try one of our fantastic Quesedilla Explosions. It’s like your relationship summed up in a salad.

    tell ’em the Pepper sent you

  31. @Sixkiller

    I assume the hookers you hire are male then

  32. All this XD XD XD business makes me sick

  33. It would suck if your name was Xavier Daniels or something. Any time you screw up on a cheque, you’d fix it up and then put XD next to it. And rental agreements!

    “Pets require a $30 a month fee and an initial deposit of $200”

  34. @Lamebookers, no dude they are chicks. Didn`t say they were pretty though.

  35. See, this is why some bitches are dangerous. Especially the ones from Long Island and the Tri-State Area (CT, NJ, NY). It’s Bitchology N###A!

  36. Surely there’s two spare bullets in England for these dolts.

  37. How is it that Loren’s profile picture changes between her first and second postings?

  38. Is Mark one of the boyfriends?

  39. @jelly,the french actually put an accent over the ”e” in chloé.

  40. Wow. Girls like this make me so furious- not just because they make women look like jerks in front of the other genders, but because they help perpetrate ridiculous views of women like the one shown in #20.
    On the other hand, I am left feeling smug and superior since I pay me way in my relationship (and enjoy it) and also don’t feel the need to tell facebook that my boyfriend is “shmexy”.

  41. other genderS, Bri??? O_O

  42. Actually, the diacritic on Chloë is a diæresis, not an umlaut. An umlaut lengthens or changes the quality of a vowel, whereas in the English and French languages, at least, the diæresis is the pronunciation of two vowels as separate syllables rather than as a dipthong. Just saying.

    I’m hoping these girls are only 13 or 14 years old…

  43. How come Loren’s profile pic changes? It is diff. in her first comment then the rest.

  44. ProfilePicKnowledge


    Someone has highlighted it with their mouse.

    It is the same as the rest but bluer.

  45. What they don’t know is that they have the same “best friend”

  46. I’m not sure but I think this isn’t really a fight.

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