Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Understood

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  1. Do they ever run out of these? Or do they wait until it’s a slow day then dig into the “parents on facebook” stockpile and grab what’s on top?

  2. I don’t get Justin’s.

    And what is Wade’s relationship to Jerri that he calls her “babe”? That is way more disturbing than what Jerri said.

  3. @ word: My guess is Jerri D is Wade’s mother-in-law (or gf’s mother if Wade and Danielle are not married).

  4. …and the comments we’re reading are on Danielle’s wall.

  5. Thanks, sam. It’s still disturbing. I hate that term.

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    What term Wordy, pokin?

  7. I actually laughed at the last one.

  8. Babe, Comments. Just don’t ever call me that, alrighty?

  9. Wade was posting to danielle, when her mom commented. Wallace.

  10. Ok, Hawky. Gimme a break. It’s early. But if you can tell me what Justin is on about, I’ll give you a gold star.

  11. my guess is that justin’s dad just created a new facebook profile each time instead of logging in. probably because old people doesn’t understand The Internets.

  12. MsBuzzkillington

    He can figure out how to create a new email address and use it for each new facebook ID but he can’t figure out how to log back in to facebook?

    *sniffs* Smells kinda funny in here.

  13. CommentsAtLarge

    Wordy, you got it ba… nevermind. 😉

  14. MsBuzzkillington, you live up to your name. I liked the first one until you said that. The others are all pretty standard, but can someone explain the joke of the last one? I get that it’s probably a bit sensitive and that James didn’t want it on his wall, but I don’t get the joke his dad made.

  15. depends are adult diapers. he was attempting to be funny off of the diarrhea grandma was experiencing… he failed

  16. Talk anonymously about facebook users everywhere!

  17. Ah, I see. I’m not a big user of adult nappies/diapers, so the joke went over my head. Cheers munags.

  18. Ah munags, thanks. I didn’t get it either. @word – sweetie better?

  19. Grandmothers with diarrhoea is certainly nothing to be laughed at… I mean who wants to feel like their sticking their cock into a pot of rancid warm dog food everytime they go visit the geriatric doddering fuckwit?…

    Just me then?

  20. No, curly. Not sweetie, not darling, not darl, or any other of those fucking lame terms of endearment. But you can call me gorgeous any time you want.

  21. wordy I would normally refer to my current fuckhole affectionately as ‘Mingearoo’…would this be acceptable?

  22. “Current fuckhole”, mofo? You are a man of such class. I did laugh, though. So a “Mingearoo” is like your term of endearment for an Aussie girl? It’s sort of cute in that mofoesque way of yours.

  23. I knew you’d have a bit of that, If that one failed I was going to submit ‘Clungearang’ and as a last resort ‘Prisoner Cell Block Flange’

  24. Honey (I do like honey), I like them all.

  25. How about hunni gorgeous?

  26. Oh, ok. I’d like to see what term mofster could come up with for a lovely Irish lass such as yourself. Buddy boy, how bout it?

  27. curly falls into the Emerald Isle category of beefboxes’ yes?… so she would be either ‘Flangeafferty’ ‘Potato Pussy’ or ‘McFannyiggan’

  28. She’ll love those. I’m sure Canadian wandr will want a few from you, too, when she comes by. Enjoy your day.

  29. wandr ‘Maple Flaps’ ‘Gash Eh’ annnnnd ‘Quimaboot’

  30. If you have a country that needs Pussification just leave me a wee note here and I’ll quim it up for you in a jiffy.

  31. @mofo: Spain, Poland

  32. Fuck me, that made me laugh.
    Thanks for that, mofo. And Word.

    If ever you’re up for a Canuck fuck, I’ll welcome you with open legs

  33. Jerri must not only be ready for a grandbaby, but literally, gaggingly desperate for one if she’s happy for her daughter to settle for Wade…

  34. firrip

    Espana – ‘Los Snatchos’ ‘Viva Vulva’ annnnnd ‘Cliterro’

    Polski – ‘Cabbage Patch’ ‘Muffdobrze’ annnnd ‘Ladybefsztyk’….

  35. lmao

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