Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Shoe It!

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  1. ilovelamebookanyways

    Personally I would wear them. Nothing screams “fertile” more than a giant orange sperm on your shoe.

    In all seriousness, those shoes were pretty ugly anyways.

  2. “Weffen”?

  3. Eh, it is not TOO obvious…

  4. If you had a microscope, you would see the same logo on my sock.

  5. If it’s just one logo, Soup, I’ve gotta admire your control.

  6. These fuckers have stolen (sort of) my idea for a range of manfat inspired clothing.

    I’ve been convincing naive slutslugs for years to try on my special ‘designer’ spunk hat, actually it’s more like a mask if I’m honest, but you get the picture.

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