Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blacked Out!

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    it was oly a matter of time till this got to lamebook.

  2. Was it lamebook that gave Ed and Josh paedo bear profile pictures or do they normally have them?

  3. That last one is funny. Josh and Ed…are they serious (which is lame), or was this some poorly contrived joke from the beginning (more lame)?

  4. “It’s Friday, Friday …”

  5. Josh and Ed…no.

  6. This shit is fucking ridiculous! There is NOWHERE I can go to escape this! It’s on 4chan, it’s on reddit, it’s been trending on Twitter non-stop since it got big… it was always going to reach Lamebook eventually… everyone I know, from all over the world, have all heard this fucking song and are joking about it non-stop. What the fuck, humanity? It’s a generic vapid pop song! They’re a dime a fucking dozen online! You’d think Jesus had returned to earth and shat out the cure to cancer on a prostitute’s face the way people are constantly banging on about it.

  7. Google will have to be my friend again. This is all completely lost on me

  8. It’s gotten to the point that I could seal myself away from the rest of the human race in a bunker three hundred feet underground, and the fucking cockroaches would start singing the damn song.

  9. I just googled ‘Rebecca Black gets finger banged in the shit pit by Miley Cyrus’ and was disgusted….. I couldn’t fucking find [i]anything[/i]

    I’ll have to wring one out over Sabrina the Teenage Witch dildo destroying the back door of that bint from Harry Potter…… again.

  10. I am seriously going to scream. This sone has been stuck in my head for well over a week now to the point of making it hard for me to fall asleep at night & the minute it’s out of my head I log into FB, thedailywhat, & NOW LAMEBOOK & NOW IT’S BACK FUUUUUU

  11. Obviously I meant *song but I am on my phone and typing in a furious rage. Some 13 year old girl makes a shitty fucking song & it gets put on Tosh.0 to make fun of it & now the little bitch is famous. I’m going to go punch a small child out of rage brb

  12. ANd it’s produce by 2 creepy 40something year old dudes one of which is in like every video rapping. and there is not ONE rhyme in the damn song. fuck i’m mad. i shouldn’t have drank all that coffee.

  13. @Lulz, don’t punch it on the head just in case the fontanel did not close yet. Try hitting it with a piece of rubber garden hose on the soles of the feet. Leaves hardly any marks and inflicts almost maximum pain. Water boarding works too.

  14. I guess I’m lucky. I’ve heard of the song, but I’ve never actually heard it. Everywhere I see a link to it it’s accompanied by something like “listen to this shitty song,” so I take the hint and don’t click on the link. Where are the rest of you hearing it? Don’t tell me they’re playing it on the radio in regular rotation?

  15. When it first was posted (I saw it on thedailywhat before it was on Tosh.0) it was like a “oh listen to this it’s so shitty it’s funny” & yeah the 1st time I heard it, maybe even the 2nd & 3rd time it was like OH WOW LOL it’s so bad!! now it’s just BAD.

  16. I slightly feel bad for her. she is only 13 & her parents paid 3k to get this music vid made for her & she prob thought it was pretty cool & now she’s getting death threats but it’s just seriously over-posted. we need to move on. can you tell i’m mad?

  17. it’s friday, friday getting down on friday. everybody’s looking forward to the weekend. partying partying yeah! partying partying yeah! fun fun fun fun fun, looking forward to the weekend.

  18. *big fucking eyeroll*

    The same exact thing happened when Miley Cyrus first got popular, ditto Justin Beiber, ditto ‘whip my hair back and forth’. Plenty of examples from earlier decades as well.

    Try to remember: You’re not their target demographic. You are an adult (presumably). You’re not SUPPOSED to like these prosti-tots. Get over it.

  19. @lulz, I’ll see your baby punching and raise you puppy kicking.

  20. …who’s Rebecca Black?

  21. Right… Maybe I’ll skip my date with Google after all

    But thanks for the rubber hose on sole tip, stom. I was getting bored lately

  22. Holy shit. Is Lamebook seriously deleting all comments that refer to their let’s-make-fun-of-Japan-and-then-delete-it Snafu?

  23. Anyone who has unfortunately heard the song knows she’s singing Fried egg. git wit it peeps! o_0

  24. I’m jealous of Rebecca Black. Despite bitching about the song constantly, it seems a shit-ton of people are still buying it anyway, and she’s earning absurd amounts.

  25. CommentsAtLarge

    I’m with wandr and have no idea who this child is. I curse YouTube, iTunes, and Pro Tools for subjecting us to these children of privilege and no talent.

  26. I she’s getting rich off all those idiots who buy it ironically to make fun of her. Or Germans, because the video is geoblocked here. Which I think is amazing.

  27. *I believe

  28. Now I’m just jealous of the people who haven’t heard of her.

    I’m going to come out and be some kind of fucking rebel by saying the song is NOT THAT BAD. It is no worse than any other tween bilge that has been released by various record companies over the last few years. Yet somehow it’s been pounced upon as ‘teh apocalypse in song form!’ Same way as Justin Bieber being labelled as the worst thing to happen to music, despite being just another kid in a loooong line of generic teenage/child singers. I don’t give a shit if Rebecca Black couldn’t sing as well as Kurt fucking Cobain, or The Beatles, and I doubt twelve year olds do either. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who can.

  29. tl;dr: a rant in response to everybody and yet nobody.

  30. Yup, never heard of her

  31. I’m so sick of this kid. Somebody tie her onto a chair on a MONDAY so she can shut up

  32. MsBuzzkillington

    Who is Rebecca Black? Is she the girl who sings a stupid song and I refuse to watch it because I don’t want to “give in” to the hype?

    I like how he says “I wonder how she feels to be the laughing stock of America.”

    I’d like to know how she feels to be the most popular topic of conversation right now and to have one of the most viewed videos at the moment.

  33. For the love of Baby Jesus! WTF, that is horrible, I thought that little dude singing “like a g6” was bad!

  34. the kid would be like any other teeny bopper music artist out there, but..the lyrics are bad. it’s like singing about what pants to wear today, or whatever. it would appeal more with it’s upbeat peppyness and simple lyrics with small children learning the days of the week. (with the exception of the partying bit, I suppose) She’s only 13…and the song shows she’s pretty juvenile. What do you expect? I feel bad for her. on one hand, sure, she’s making money off it and topic of conversation..but there’s still all that trash talk, and she’s so young-that’s gotta hurt. Yeah, the song sucks…but at least she put herself out there. I don’t think she expected everyone to like it, and expected some harsh words, but I doubt she expected to become a complete joke. Poor kid.

  35. There’s some pretty interesting news interviews with her. She said she cried at first (there were some people saying shit like ‘go cut yourself’), but then got over it and realised she didn’t care, I guess when she remembered she was earning shit-loads of cash off of this.

    Also they filmed her singing naturally, she’s actually quite good.

    …I’m not a stalker. Honest.

  36. At first I had no idea what the post was about. I thought it was a bunch of kids bashing one of their school mates. I’m caught up now. I couldn’t watch the video though. 20 seconds into it my stomach felt like I ate a case of peperoni hot pockets.

  37. “The song shows she’s pretty juvenile”? No… she didn’t write it.

  38. right. we know she didn’t write it. And I don’t recall stating at all that she did. But can you see an 18 year old agreeing to sing that? I surely can’t. are right about her voice, though you may actually be a stalker, I think.

  39. I have been lucky enough not to stumble onto it already playing. Just everyone posting, reposting, sharing, whatever but I have to click Play to hear it. Looks like I made the right choice?

  40. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It’s a pretty bad song, but no worse than pretty much everything Britney Spears and Christina Aquilera et. al. have produced. It’s a teenage girl producing sugary pop, and that’s nothing new.

  41. Wow it takes a Rebecca Black post to get 40 comments on here!


    Can’t decide if this guy is more annoying or not. Nevertheless, my favourite part was the analysis of the big seat decision.

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