Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Bit O’ Win

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  1. Since Jessica’s comment was posted “a few seconds ago”, I have the feeling it’s a fake and she submitted it herself.

  2. It was her status, her comment, and she liked it. So, yeah, she definitely self-submitted. Congrats, Jess, you’re a STAR! *thumbs up*

  3. Yes, but the second time Lamebook didn’t blur Jessica’s photo! So I’m gonna track her down and harass her now.

  4. a little bit o’ win is all we can hope from lamebook these days…

  5. People who think that something must be self-submitted because it says it’s only seconds old don’t know how Facebook works.

  6. People who think that whether something is funny depends upon who submitted it don’t know how humour works.

  7. Jessica’s post is both self-submited AND unfunny.

  8. Weak. Lame.

  9. I personally think that the funniest thing about the post is that someone is stupid enough to go to school for commercial dance studies….

  10. People who think mad2physicist should be listened to in any capacity don’t know how shitty comment forums work.

  11. so what exactly *is* ‘commercial dance’?
    Is it where you get paid (like a whore) to dance? Like belly dancing, pole dancing or lap dancing?

  12. What is a ‘Brant’?

  13. @MsAnne I think that if you do your research you’ll find that Belly Dancing is actually an anicent Middle Eastern, muslim dance performed by women in front of only their husband,(or owner)whose main purpose is to prepare their stomach and clunge to spit out a sprog… We call it Slut Boogie where I come from.

  14. I think belly dancing predates the founding of islam by far, and was used as a form of erotic dance by concubines entertaining at parties, among other things.

  15. is a concubine a whore?

  16. @MsAnneThrope No. She would be one of the women in a harem. Not legally married to her “husband” but living as though they were.

  17. She’s a woman…. of course she’s a whore.

  18. and how does she fed and clothe herself?
    What services does she offer?

  19. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Is commercial dance studies the study of commercial dance or is it the commercial study of dance?

  20. @MsAnneThrope I see what you’re getting at there and by your standard every stay-at-home wife and mother in history would be a whore. Which most likely makes your grandmother a whore.

  21. I see, because raising children and managing a household is *totally* comparable to twirling about semi-naked for strangers(like a whore).
    I can also see why you might think dancing isn’t whoring – because you’re a bit of a retard.

  22. Anyway, my favourite is when they belly dance NAKED. Totally hot. Oh, and it must be very empowering, too. And not-at-all degrading. No. Uh-uh.

  23. @MsAnneThrope They did have kids. But those children would not be in direct line for inheritance. And some women do find it empowering. Something about the fact no one can tell them what to do with their bodies. I wouldn’t choose it, but apparently some women (strippers and pornstars) would.

  24. strippers, pornstars and shameless exhibitionists. Also: WHORES.

    cheesuschrist (17), that would make you a SON of a whore. Assuming you were born of woman. And I have no conclusive evidence of that.

  25. @MsAnneThrope I’m sorry, but I have to ask: Why are you so afraid of and hostile towards the female sexuality? Some women like sex just like you like whatever you’re into. Personally, I don’t consider them whores until they knowingly screw around with a family man/woman. I hate women who take pride in homewrecking.

  26. Maybe MsAnneThrope was raise by the Dad in Footloose! I’m thinking someone’s man did a stripper! Don’t hate the dancer hate the cheater!

  27. I don’t hate whores. I’ve repeatedly said that I *like* whores.

  28. I just don’t get why belly-dancers seem to think they are somehow morally superior to other types of whore.

    Also: they are v. cute when they is mad 😉 and seeing some poor whore desperately trying to defend writhing about semi-naked in front of strangers as dignified, or something, is most amusing.

  29. Belly dancing has egyptian roots.. but the orignal dance is nothing like the modern one. Also, just because in the USA women who belly dance are whores, doesnt mean they are whores everywhere in the world and specially doesnt mean the dance itself is slutty. To belly dance you can be fully clothed. No need to take off any clothes except your shoes.. and yes, belly dancing is ancient and it was only danced between women and then, when married, to their husbands. that’s it. before calling everyone a whore, please google things.

  30. the movement in belly dancing are meant to shape the woman’s body and specially the hips to be prepared for child-birth. It was proved that women who belly dance suffer less during labour. It is not supposed to be danced in public. And when it is, it is a disrespect towards the dance itself and the original spirit of it

  31. *movements

  32. psika.
    if it looks like whore, dresses like a whore and dances like a whore.


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