Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Having a Tough Time

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  1. mmmmm cheese!

  2. Hmmmm 32 days hath October, Ta’Quisha?

  3. Let’s hope Ta-quisha doesn’t get that as a tattoo.

  4. So, why do witches burn?

    B–… ’cause they’re made of… wood?

    Good! Heh heh.

    Oh, yeah. Oh.

    So, how do we tell whether she is made of wood?

    Build a bridge out of her.

    Ah, but can you not also make bridges out of stone?

  5. Who are you who are so wise at science?

  6. Ta’Quisha’s significant (br)other might be doing 20 years, but at least he cares enough about men’s health to take part in Movember.

  7. She turned me into a newt!

  8. Gonzo, isn’t Ta’Quisha’s significant (br)other dead? He died on the 32nd of October, it says so right there.

    I admire Canyon’s ability to find not one but two incorrect spellings of “aren’t”.

  9. If he’s got facial decoration, he’s taking part

  10. Huh?

  11. Movember is last years meme, gonzo.
    Homovember is the new black.

    Equality for all. Except the old black. Or something.

  12. I hate the number STD. It has burned me too many times.

  13. Since when is Movember a meme?

  14. My seventh son Crevice also has a tattoo that has been incorrectly speltd… he is also a pirate with a sunken chest, witch is another thing they have in common.

    Movember should be renamed Growfacialhairforbollockssakevember in my professional opinion.

  15. If you click and hold Ta’Quisha’s image and slide it down atop Canyon’s body, Canyon changes from scrawny pipsqueak to Super Mulatto Man. Aryn’te I effen clever?

  16. If only the person who submitted Jessica’s status took the screen shot 3 minutes later…

  17. chelle – ooh for about 4 years that I know of. Do you even know what a meme is?

  18. Sure do. I just relate Movember to the fundraisers that happen in Australia to raise money for men’s cancers. Probably because it’s called Movember.

  19. and some generic sheeple just do it because they saw it on a movie or something, like, whatEVER.

    see? – it’s a meme now.

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