Friday, February 3, 2012

Tip Top Type

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  1. Way to ruin Lamebook for everyone Anne you unfunny, tragic little girl

  2. I hope everyone of you realise that this Anne is just a master troll, you say she spends ages on this site, but it would take under an hour of time out of his/her day to come here and make you all cry, she called ripper out for getting butthurt so he writes a story about how pathetic she is.

    That insult isnt going to do anything, its a troll attempt and the only way till go away is if you ignore it, but you are all too stubborn and want to increase your e-peen so you try to argue with the troll but end up feeding it. You don’t even have to lok at the comments on this site, grow up.

  3. I’ve already ruined everything, so you shouldn’t really waste your time.

  4. also;- fuck off.

  5. Thanks, ImActuallyGame; I got a new word out of that! E-peen!!
    Although now my e-bean has e-peen envy…

    Also, I’m not sure if my ignorance of that term was a good or bad thing.
    Meh. It’s done now.

  6. It takes a troll to recognize one game 😛

  7. you all are fuckin stupid.. I find MsAnne funny as shit!!! you can all suck my dick. And Ripp3r.. you are a faggot ass bitch ass punk ass motherfucker. suck my dick asshole!!!

  8. You’re tripinnn, no one wants your mouldy old dick

  9. ^why even bother typing that?
    What the fuck were you thinking?

  10. trippinnn, if you ask Ripp3r to suck on your little willy, I think that implies that you are the gay one. Ripp3r is only gay if he agrees to your request, and you forgot to leave him your phone number.

  11. haha.. That was a very drunken lamebook post. But anyway Rubert.. I think you might be mad because I didn’t ask you to suck my dick.

  12. But you did, you asked everybody! “You can all suck my dick” you said.

  13. haha fine.. you got me! but yeaa, I was drunk from a superbowl party. So forgive me for my drunken “suck my dick” rant. I dont really even remember typing that.

  14. I forgive you as long as you don’t retract it.
    The dick or the post.

  15. I would never!

  16. Oh MsAnne, you have more fans? It all sounds so familiar …..

  17. Man…this bitch is still posting..?..get a fucking job already….MissAnne DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE ALREADY!!! without the internet you’d be fucking lost…in like a month when i’m bored…and i come back to cruise a site for a minute..i bet this bitch is still posting… any takers?

  18. ^does that mean you’re fucking off?


  19. I concur. And because I’m juvenile, and wanted to be comment # 69.

  20. Bubba’s spelling notwithstanding, that horse is way to skinny to marry me.

    Sorry, I’m just catching up here…

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