Monday, December 5, 2011

Photo Fun!

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  1. That guy looks way too geeky to have a naked he/she on top of him… And those shoes are throwing me off. Horrible.

  2. First one went over my head.

    Second one is a reminder to stand next time I’m on the NY subway.

  3. Codename Dutchess

    Fuck Tim Tebow, he’s the biggest goddamn troll in the NFL. I hope he gets impaled by a crucifix.

  4. I don’t know which pic is the sexiest.

  5. watching Tebow play and win games is like a watching a dog walk on two legs, kind of amusing but eventually going to end

  6. Tim Tebow is going straight to hell.

  7. That Hello Kitty girl needs to stretch her pocket some and invest in sexier underwear; What she has on is really nasty and hurting my eyes.

    And it seems I’m the only one shocked by the subway pic! I can’t believe that I actually found something that shocks me on lamebook. How is it that no one else is shocked at how clean the floors are?!

  8. Courtney looks like she’s wearing the “Brazilian Secret” butt enhancer panties.

  9. Shouldn’t that be “couldn’t care less” on Courtney’s white-trash political views? I mean, if you could care less, you actually do care, and rather a bit much at that, whereas if you couldn’t care less, there is no less caring that what yoou are experiencing, i.e. you’ve reached the absolutest, -273 C, mostest lowest point of caring. No?

  10. Keyser… MASTER of the Obvious

  11. that’s WAY too nice an ass to be real…no way a chick with a decent ass shows it off on the subway.

  12. The Internet is FULL of hot chicks fucking disgusting dudes in public. That shit is downright common. “voyeur” “dogging” “public”, etc.

  13. Lots of ass today in assbook…err lamebook

  14. The tattoo is not Courtney, she found it on the ugliest tattoos blog. YAWN

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