Friday, April 27, 2012


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  1. first? me?!?

  2. #1 – BANG! No ducks, they’re just scaring me.

    #2 – Hukd on fonics wurkd fur mee, to.

    #3 – I’m sure Gage would be okay with an ass pounding, too.

  3. The 3rd one created a facial emotion I’ve not ever experienced creating an elongated crease.. after exhaustive research I am suffering from a smile. I did good.

  4. What are they eating…?

  5. #4 dog-nuts apparently. Or what a dog’s nuts produce… lucky dog I guess.

  6. After some consideration, I decided I’d rather give an ass whipping, but I’d prefer to take an ass wiping.

  7. They are eating doughnuts.

  8. They are fake.

  9. T1000… I almost suppressed the rise to say something to you but, my god man, all I feel for you is utter pity and contempt. You come here and repeat the same old line like an old record player, only one you can’t shut the fuck up. Jesus, you absolute moron. At least everybody else is funny or mildly amusing. Even if they hate at least its entertaining! And, your 34 years old. I don’t know whether to punch you in the face or give you a hug.

  10. I am not 34 years of age.

  11. How fukcing hard is it to spell?

  12. goodgodno, you hug 34 year olds? That’s a bit weird. Not as weird as hugging 4 year olds I suppose – kudos for not hugging 4 year olds.

  13. Yeah, I’ll stick to the 34 year old’s crusty! And whats so weird about hugging a 34 year old? If a hot 34 year old women came onto me for ‘hugs’, I’d be psyched.

  14. I am a hot 34 year old woman.

  15. ^FAKE!! ahhhhhhhhhh FUCK YOU BIAAAAAATCH.

    Ah but if a hot 34 year old came onto you, you would know she had alternative motives 😉

  16. ^Are you perhaps refering to the infamous Sex-then-murder notion?

  17. I’m guessing…, no he isn’t!


  19. Not the sex then murder notion per se, more that the girl is blind and you just a lot of lynx or something.

  20. I could give fuck all about the rest, but let me say this…If a hot 34 year old woman came up to me I wouldn’t want a fucking hug, I’d want a blowjob. So unless she’s hugging my waist while choking on my meat she can fuck off.

  21. Ok, something weird has happened, I pulled a 34 year old chick last night! On my mothers life, I’m not even lying! But she looked more like 25. Fucking weird though! Couldn’t believe it when she told me her age.

  22. ^yeah, webcams can be deceiving.

  23. Goodgodno, she was fake.

  24. It does sound like a lie mass but actually true. Never hooked up with a 34 year old and as soon as crusty mentions it… Hey crusty, how’s about a 23 year old next time? 😉

  25. that’s awesome. shall i share some details of my latest sexual conquest too? is that a path to lamebook immortality?

  26. There’s no need, SLG. We already know that you’re, like, buff…
    Sexual conquest anecdotes just make the basement-dwellers hornier and angrier than they already are.

  27. Did I tell you about my last Sexual Conquest? I seduced the 26 year old female then knifed her multiple times.

  28. You at least gave her a blowjob first, right? Inquiring basement dwellers want to know! 😀

  29. Of course.

  30. You’re supposed to swallow! slut!

  31. Capn, am I missing something? You want to know did he give the lucky lady a blowjob?

  32. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Hey T1000, what’s wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking.

  33. I didn’t come here to share a “sexual conquest” – there was a remarkable coincidence so I shared that particular one with Crusty. I don’t remember addressing that comment to you fuckers. And I’d have to be pretty pathetic to make up a story like that. So I’m not commenting on ‘some awesome hot babe where the sex was out of this world’. In fact, if it helps, the sex was pretty fucking terrible (due in part to my alcohol intake and her obsession with my ears). Thats my last comment on this issue, hopefully crusty reads it.

  34. Wolfies fine, jesuschristanlsuperstar. Just fine. Where are you?

  35. @31 Yes! 😀

  36. Goodgodno, drunk sex is no better than drunk driving, in the future, please no F.W.I! Someone might get hurt!

  37. Drunk sex is the best kind!

  38. Nuh-uh. Trippin’ sex is the best kind!

  39. beatusmongous

    I vote for “any sex is the best kind.”

  40. Except “forced cell-mate sex”. Even with soap, that shit’s gotta sting.

  41. Bacchante, food for thought, forced cellmate sex usually involves tearing the victims clothing off and ram rodding it for the sheer sake of degrading the poor bastard, its not even sexually driven in most cases. That being said, its fucking hilarious! In other cases where consent is implied inmates prefer to use a concoction of numbing throat lozenges and either vaseline, or crisco from the kitchen if the former is not available.

  42. Thanks Capn! I really needed to be creeped out today!

  43. “that shit’s gotta sting” hahahaha 😀

  44. I call doughnuts dog nuts all the time.

  45. throat lozenges! fucking genius.

  46. Oh fuck, you’re going to get all creative with Strepsils and amyl this weekend, aren’t you?

  47. msanne has a puppy. it’s name is bacchante. it licks msanne, all day long…

  48. a bottle of rush, some fisherman’s friends…
    it’s gonna be a very special saturday night in casa thrope!

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