Friday, April 27, 2012

Some People…

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  1. Deadly funny. I laughed.

  2. Although mildly amusing (if inaccurate); the OP has most likely been written in jest. If the idea is a genuine exploration of the economic viability of human egg extraction based on the current and continued inherent value in the Caviar market, then it would almost certainly reveal a dangerous mental illness and it is unlikely that someone with such a warped and potentially psychotic mental affliction would be given access to a social medium such as Facebook.

    Most mental health institutes / asylums will allocate specific visiting hours to each separate ward and admit patients to wards based on the severity of their illness.


    (Or does that only work if it’s in first?)

  4. No, it never works.

  5. Funny!

  6. @RealityCheck, that assumes the nutjob has already been sectioned, a cursory glance at the pages of lamebook proves that psychotics have access to facebook.

  7. Female human eggs are not very big. Just something to consider.

  8. They can be seen with the naked eye, though… Very, very tiny… but they can still be seen… it would make more sense to harvest the entire ovary.

  9. Yeah…but they taste like shit >_>

  10. It’s Friday.. how can you people have enough thinky stuff to overthink this? 😉

  11. Which ovarian ethnicity would prove the most sought after…and why ??

  12. Fake.

  13. You all know that women really don’t have actual eggs left in their bodies when they die, right? They have the building blocks that would eventually become eggs if they were ovulated, but since they never will be, they’re just oocytes.

  14. Geez… Had to get all technical, didn’t ya?

  15. Actually every woman is born with the amount of “eggs” she will have her whole live. Menopause is when you no longer ovulate..because you have no more “eggs”. This would only work in women usually under the age of 50

  16. Umm. No. You’re born with 300,000-400,000 eggs. 6-20 develop every month and one of those ovulates. I know math is hard, but you don’t “run out” of eggs. Your ovaries stop respond to the stimulating hormones. There are plenty of eggs left.

  17. Another moron shown how its idea van never happen. Sigh…

  18. Van? *Can

  19. Why wait until the woman is dead? I’m sure there are plenty of women who would be willing to sell their eggs.. or oocytes or whatever they’re called. I would love to see that on the market, if only for the right wing, religious outrage it would spark.

  20. Ovarian ethnicity…now there’s a thought. I assume eggs are white, no matter the skin colour. So with that in mind, I’d take the eggs from a black woman because if you got too full to finish your meal you could dot them on her skin and create an aboriginal masterpiece.

  21. #19 it’s called egg donation and I’ve done it…for $7,000 oh YEAH

  22. Fucken Australian government! They make it illegal to donate for profit. Blood, sperm, eggs, surrogacy, everything. If there’s a market for it, the bastards should allow it.
    God knows there would be a lot more lucky people getting the kids they always wanted. And I’d be wealthier.

    How long does the whole process take anyway, benladen? From application form to extraction procedure to payment, I mean?

  23. Funny how egg donation pays you in the thousands, and sperm donation pays like $25.

  24. The difference being that sperm can be dispensed on command, and to collect eggs requires nothing less than shoving a ladle up some twat and spinning it a few times.

  25. yeah beat, sometime sperm donation can actually cost you in the thousands. it depends where you donate it.
    the judiciary take a pretty dim view of donating it on the bus.

  26. Perfect comeback with the visiting hours.

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