Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Quit

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  1. saw an article in the news the other day “Insane killer entitled to victim’s life insurance, Ontario court rules”

  2. Saw an article in the news the other day “this is fake”

  3. Saw an article in the paper titled “Ford Focus owners plagued by ADD”

  4. Saw an article the other day “Hillary Clinton to challenge Obama for the presidency.”

  5. Say an article the other day” People without life troll lamebook”

  6. I feel bad for laughing at this.

  7. Mcsurltd, you had a point until you misspelled saw you faggot goat smoker

  8. Dawn of the Dan

    lol, T1000.
    Never change, no matter how much they tell you to.

  9. vagina

  10. What does him being a virgin have to do with anything?

  11. I saw an article in the news today “the”.

  12. I saw an article in the news today “Amber Alert lifted; 4-year-old girl located safe” and actually read it. The girl was abducted by her father who is a violent offender. The description of the girl was that she is native, her front teeth are decayed and that she is missing her incisors.
    When I read she was found, I didn’t really believe she was actually ‘safe’ if at 4 years old she has no-one to care about her rotted teeth.
    And then I read all the comments here and it makes me hate us.

  13. I think Beatusmongous wins that round.

  14. If I was a teen I think I’d kill myself too. Not because of a dystopian alienation from the generation above me or because of increasingly aggressive social pressures applied to me by my peers.

    But because I’d be a cranky hormonal spotty, self centred naive self entitled wank end.

    Fuck Teens… It’s all their good for.

  15. ^ Does that go for all teens, or are you fussy about gender?

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