Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Trip to the Gym and the Bank

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  1. You can’t take a shit right away because the semi lasts for a good few minutes and if you do sit down with a semi it touches the toilet bowl and that’s disgusting.

  2. Ok let’s all say it at once…FAKE!!!

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    Incorrect. This is real.

  4. “TheJose”? Big Fonzie fan I guess.

  5. Incorrect. This is fake.

  6. christopherlovet


  7. Dawn of the Dan

    Either way, crustylovelips is correct.

  8. Too bad the man with the epic jheri curl was in fact looking at my lady business. But its ok, thanks to TheJose, I realize I was doing the poor bastard a solid.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fuck Jennifer … if this is real.

  10. slicingupeyeballs

    Um crusty, he says cleans up THEN takes a shit, so I’m guessing the time it takes to wipe away the sploodge lets any semi deflate…

    He is wrong however in saying you need smooth jazz on, I have found elevator music is fine for having a quick wank to, once some unsuspecting girlie loveliness has entered my vertically mobile lair…

  11. if you put on smooth jazz and light candles to jack off then its no wonder why youre jacking off and not gettin real pussy.

  12. ^correct

  13. Why do people go through a bunch of trouble just to jack off? I go to pornhub, click the first video I see, knock one off in a minute, clean up, and go back to normal.

  14. I don’t know..I find it kind of disturbing that some poor sap at the gym would get turned on by a big sweaty crab infested vagina, that more than likely was leaking some kind of milky red gelatinous substance reminiscent of egg white. That’s just disgusting.

  15. ^ gross dude, what kind of ladies are you hanging out with? Who even gets crabs anymore?
    Jazz is quite soothing.

  16. CapnJaques, shhhh… it’s ok, you’re safe here. Tell us how she hurt you.

    *read in annoying shrink whisper*

  17. Most well equipped gyms, particularly those that charge an extortionate monthly fee will give their members access to a Hip Abductor machine. Commonly utilised by females, the Hip Abductor is often mistakenly used to tone the muscle groups around the hip and upper thigh area.

  18. Fuck jazz, nothing is more fap worthy than my barry white/master p mixtape. And dude I wouldn’t worry so much as to how as I would who. Never in my life will I ever respond to another lamebookers invite for tea and biscuits…you don’t wanna know where the yeast came from..I was fucking terrified!

  19. Super Gross…

    Supermans’ buck toothed cousin who dribbles on himself and once put some super spunk in his sisters hair at the family party that they no longer talk about.

  20. You know you’d lick that…lol…

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