Monday, June 6, 2011

Background Checks!

More amazing background checks here and here!

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  1. Why do people leave bongs around kids? It’s disgusting.

  2. Loved the one with Morgan Freeman and what does he have on his head?


  4. i did not see the fun background thingy on the 2nd one

  5. fifth?

  6. @top01, It looks as if 2 has a massive cock. I indeed chuckled.

  7. AM I laughing about the mime, or the fact the camera cut off the word “shoe” so it says, “If the HOE fits, buy it”? Neither you say? Well. Carry on, then.

  8. littleredcorvette

    I don’t think Morgan Freeman has anything on his head, I think it’s something hanging on the wall behind him. On that note, who hangs artwork on their OUTSIDE walls?


  10. those toothy whales in pic 1 shouldn’t be anywhere a camera. i know i should feel sorry for fat ugly people, but i just can’t bring myself to do it. i want to harvest their blubber for soap and make a necklace out of their peg teeth.

    also, there is probably more than one black guy with white hair and a beard in the world, despite what hollywood would have us believe.

  11. @littleredcorvette: how and why did you just go from “something” to “artwork”?

    I actually think it’s a set of kitchen utensils that Morgan uses when he’s grilling his famous Shawshank Burgers

  12. I agree with most of what you said there, vincent. The first one is a foreground check for dental fugliness. I know Amanda can’t help her very unappealing tooth-to-gum ratio, but she can definitely be less generous about showing it in photos. And Ashley’s choppers look like they could do with a decent cleaning.

    And just a quick look at those surroundings in the last pic tells me that little Carson would have a pretty sad existence. If I could, I’d take him (and Coco) away from it.

  13. But it’s so obviously not. It’s a leg. The other girl’s arm ruined the illusion. That and the shoe at the end of the leg/cock.

    Morgan Freeman did make me laugh though. And @oatmealandi that thing above his head is on the wall behind him.

  14. @wordy
    There is a piece of art on the other side. Maybe vincent is referring to that?

  15. littleredcorvette

    @buckle_up: I couldn’t distinguish between what was behind his head, so I lazily compared it to the painting hanging on the other side of the window.

  16. People take weird photos.

  17. hahaha Morgan Freeman

  18. The girl on the left in pic one is skinny, the girl on the right, not. They’re teeth aren’t bad, pretty straight actually. They just have large gums. Although the right girl’s teeth are yellowed…she should invest in a good whitener. Or just do proper hygiene.

    Others aren’t that good. I did like the Morgan Freeman joke though.

  19. That kid was ripping on the bong. He looks high as fuck. 420 for life

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