Monday, June 6, 2011

All In The Family

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  1. first to tap that ass…

  2. Stephanie: Maybe as a mom you were such a failure/embarrassment/bitch that Anthony didn’t feel like telling you or having you be part of it on any level. Perhaps you need to learn from your mistakes and get over yourself. At least he is nice enough to have you on Facebook.

  3. I can’t decide if she’s hot or not and the first one was hilarious.

  4. @3 yeah me too,but i’d sure tap that fat ass

  5. fifth? YES! I’D tap that arse if I was drunk and high and drunk high and drunk

  6. That’s not a ghetto booty, that’s just a fat ass. Damn girl, put down the burger and go eat a salad!

  7. She’s not fat (per se), she’s a thick average about size 8-10 woman! Not everyone needs to be skinny and salads are nasty…its all about eating healthy, working out and staying fit….!

  8. @ Pahleez.. girl please, that chick is far from being an “average size 8-10” She’s obviously closer to a size 14. I am a size 6-8 and that chick is much, much fatter than me. Not dissin on the chick, big girls need love too.. but you are seriously disillusioned if you think she’s not fat.

  9. littleredcorvette

    She’s got better muscle tone than most skinny little bitches.

  10. eww.

  11. Then I’ll decide for you, lex. She is not hot. You guys wanting to “tap that (fat) ass” need to raise your standards.

  12. That’s not ‘tapping’, it’s harpooning.

  13. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    # 7 sounds like a fat chick. that girl is nasty, and fat, and trashy.

  14. It’s not the best ass I’ve ever seen, but it’s not disgusting either. How dare she have some self-confidence. She should be crippled with self-esteem issues, obviously.

  15. I have to agree with you scarab, nothing that wouldn’t be passed up after several beers. I’d smash down her back door no problem

  16. @7, I agree. I have been a vegetarian for 4 years and counting and I don’t like salads (I don’t even remember the last time I ate one; it might have been 3 times in my life at most), yet so many people assume the only thing you eat when you don’t eat meat is salad :S I guess that’s mainly just the people whose entire diet consists of burgers and steaks, though.

    Also, I don’t think the woman is fat at all. She barely constitutes as “thick” in my book, and I don’t really like thin women anyway. I definitely would not consider her fat, though.

    Finally, concerning the first one, I wouldn’t tell either of my parents if I ever got married, as I have no relationship with them. Apparently Anthony has enough of one to have his mother on Facebook, but power to him if he doesn’t maintain an actual relationship with her, assuming she is a bad mother. I never see the logic in people who try to desperately cling to crappy parents like they actually did something for them. However, if he’s just some lazy kid who didn’t tell his mother, oh well, she still acted like a bitch.

  17. @7 and @14: There’s no way that lady is a size 8-10 if you go by the actual measurements that are supposed to be used for those sizes (aka if you don’t vanity size). I’m a proper size 10 (which means I usually fit into a size 5-6 at most stores) and my ass is nowhere near that big.
    Also, eating healthy doesn’t mean just eating salads (although it’s very possible to make some very delicious salads). There are lots of delicious foods that are healthy (and unhealthy things are fine to eat as long as they’re consumed in moderation anyway).

    Not that I think this lady is atrociously fat or anything (and kudos to her for having healthy self esteem if not good enough judgement to at least change her privacy settings so her offspring can’t see those sorts of photos [or for posting that pic in the first place]), but she’s not exactly thin. I’d guess she’s at least a size 14 if she was shopping at places with properly standardized dress sizes.

  18. Do people actually say, “sorry son” ?? I can’t take any of those posts seriously because they are just trying so hard to make it obvious that they’re related… Why wouldn’t she just say “Sorry Cade”? And if your legs have rolls- you could probably lose a bit of weight and still be healthy..

    Also at crane- dislike is often rooted by fear or jealousy… pretty sure you’re not scared of thin women.

  19. I don’t dislike thin women, I am just not attracted to them.

  20. There is no way in hell that woman is a size 8-10. I’m talking English sizes though…

  21. If it wasn’t for hip hop culture, we’d call these chicks what they really are: fatasses. Everyone that likes “thick” girls, you’re better off than me, because I can’t find attraction in a girl that wobbles like jello for every step.

  22. To those who say she is “fat” while this lady may not be a stick figure, I would say she is fit, no signs of cellulite or the abnormal shapes that come with being overweight, I say good for her for being confident, and proud of herself, if only more celebrities and models took a page out of her book, we wouldn’t have teens starving themselves to look like her.

    If you are comfortable being attracted to skeleton type people then so be it, I’m sure the local museum may have just what you are looking for, but there is more to a person than their weight.

  23. everone on the internet is a dick.

  24. @pandoras666, you’re on the internet…..

    Oh, whaddya know, so am I.

  25. That ass is too flat to be ghetto. But at least she doesn’t have a lot of cellulite. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone avoids it, because I have seen it on skinny women too.

  26. @16…. why do you vegetarian folks always get so fucking serious AND feel the need to tell us all about your lifestyle.

    Really. Nobody. Gives. A. Fuck.

    It must be all these salads you people eat all day.

  27. @26, I was merely making a point that salads are unappetising 😉

    If you wanted me to tell you about my lifestyle, I’d be more than happy to. Where I’m from (Fucking Serious Land), two sentences doesn’t really constitute as anything significant, so we can be here all day if you wish.

    If not, I will do it merely to upset you.

  28. pandainspandex

    I’m assuming from Cade’s comment and the use of the nickname “lala” that this is a picture of Lauren. Does anyone else think she looks waaay too young to have a kid old enough for a Facebook (assuming Cade isn’t, like, 3)? Good for her! And even if I’m totally wrong about her age, she still looks (like everyone else said) awesome!

  29. How can you see cellulite from that angle anyway? She’s not skinny, but she isn’t grossly fat or anything. I agree that she looks good for her age and level of trashiness, but she is definitely not a size 8. I’m less than half her size and I wear a size 6 in most stores.

  30. She’s definitely not a size 8….I’m around a 12, and she’s much bigger than me all over. She needs to lose quite a lot…..she doesn’t have the cottage cheese effect, but still. =/ If you don’t have bones showing in this world, you’re fat. So she needs to become like a science class model!

  31. You see that? That is fat. The cheetah eats you because you can’t get away fast enough. Or so it used to be.

  32. Let’s not forget the fact it can run 60-70 MPH and go from 0- top speed in seconds…that MIGHT be the main reason we can’t get away fast enough…without a car…just throwing it out there. 😉

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