Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lil Probs

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  1. What angers Rachael? The fact that there is no bike lane, so cyclists have to ride as part of the regular street traffic as dictated by law?

  2. I realize I’m an idiot, but am I missing something hilarious in the first picture?

    a) it’s so small I can barely even tell it’s a guy cycling in front of a car. right?

    b) what the fuck does neil armstrong have to do with it?

    c) none of the other submissions were funnier than this?

  3. I’m pretty sure she meant Lance Armstrong. Still lame.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The dipshit meant Lance Armstrong.

  5. wow, it’s pretty sad to see how many people can’t tell the difference between Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong… what is this world coming to

  6. Should have said Fabian Cancellara instead.

  7. I take the last one as proof that people who aren’t educated become criminals.

  8. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I allways used to mix them up, not anymore though. It is easy, just remember; Neill, one step. Lance, one ball.

  9. FUCK Rachael, the lame is her using a fucking mobile while driving, bitch has probably got kids in the back un-seat belted as well. I hope she is also the one in #3.

  10. T1000 should Eliminate Rachael.

  11. everything frankenstein already said in #9.
    but throw in loads more foamy-mouthed abuse, because fuck rachael. get the fuck off my roads, you ignorant whore.

  12. Correct, DarthMaximus.

  13. Rachael angers me.

  14. 4 years ago. Cellphone use & driving was never illegal.

  15. The only thing worse then getting pulled over by P.C Fisty and arrested for outstanding warrents is the cold dawning realization that your toenails are excessively long and that you are basically mutating into some horrific clawed bird of prey.

  16. ^ That’s a thing, now mofo. Chicks be all french polishing their toenails for “fashion”. You can get acrylic nails for your toes too. It freaks me the fuck out.

  17. ^ Wow. Comma fail there, B.

  18. ^I sometimes, throw in random commas. just, for shits and giggles.

  19. Did you just really point out your own comma fail ? this isn’t the butterfly effect the grammar gods aren’t going to punish you

  20. hey flamsie, are you hoping that low standards and generally coming off like an ill-educated, unwashed sofa rat will become ‘a thing’, so that everyone else will be like you, and you finally feel like you fit in somewhere?

    are you?

  21. ^^^^ loves unwashed hobo penis

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