Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That’s Heavy

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  1. Come on Lamebook. You couldn’t just keep the first letter unblurred so we can all get the joke these strangers made?

  2. I’m guessing his last name starts with a V… that’s the only one anyone could really freak out about.

  3. Has to be Dark Slaves

  4. I’m guessing that is Mark Zuckerberg posting

  5. Agreed it’d have to be V.

  6. Or it could be N… Dark Magic.

  7. *Forsaken. *Vengeance. Of COURSE the first dude has the only two that are not spelled correctly. That’s a bit poetic.

    Dark Slaves would be terrible and funny, but also consider Dark Secrets and Dark Henchmen. Of course, if “Mark” is his middle name, and his first name is actually “Charlie…”

    Insane Tendencies is kind of fitting for me.

  8. Dawn of the Dan


  9. BLACK MAGIC. Why do i feel that may already be taken…

  10. Satan’s Henchmen…. That’s pretty badass.

  11. Called it.

  12. I’m Hell’s Thorn, but I don’t see what is interesting about dark slaves.

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    If you were a C.V. you’d be “BLACK Slaves.”

  14. Dawn of the Dan

    If your full initials were M.C.V. that’d actually be the best.

  15. ‘Bleeding Fury’ …well yes, but only for a few days of the month.

  16. Dropped Your Heart

    Haha C.V. that would be awful. “Forsaken Slaves”… sounds like a typical shitty garage band. :] I can just imagine the deep, dark souls (greasy, stupid teenagers) who are being suppressed by their parents. I think I should feel privileged.

  17. ohh. I get it ‘dark slaves’.
    because two hundred and thirty fucking years ago, they had african slaves in america. yeah. that wound’s still pretty fucking fresh. someone is sure to be offended.

  18. Holy Henchmen. That is stupid.

  19. I should have researched my dates better. by ‘better’ I mean ‘read more than just the first paragraph on wiki’.
    if anyone cares enough to correct me, I already pity you, so you can skip it.

  20. Fallen Fury!

  21. Illegal Abyss. Don’t mind if I do.

    My real name is Vagina Xylophone.

  22. ^hah. I always knew you were a vagina.

  23. Our n1ggers get offended easily here, they’re such pansy asses, and smell like shit…

  24. MsAnne Not just any old cunt mind, but a musical gash that produces a distinctive diatonic wooden sound.

  25. ^Can I hit that?

  26. ^Of course you can.

    As long as I get to play your tits like a set of bongo’s. Between the two of us we should be able to play the opening to Hakuna Matata.

  27. ^ What a wonderful phrase!

  28. ^ I know, I know.

    Bongo Tits just rolls off the tongue don’t it?

  29. Off the tongue, on the tongue, both work for me.

  30. ^I prefer “on the tongue”…you know?

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