Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End is Nigh

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  1. It’s the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine.

  2. erm, no it’s not…she’s not like Jackie Chan’s mom, she got pregnant in December…

  3. and yes I like to figure out when random people fuck lol.

  4. She got pregnant in december? soooo she’s going to gestate for 12 months?….


  5. I had sex with a Mayan once, they’re full of shit.

  6. ^ So are you. And so is your hand, again.

  7. #4 yeah I read that she’s six months pregnant. She’s due then in September or October

  8. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    9, who are you trying to mimic?

  9. MistressSlayer

    No one.

  10. funny thing is that zombies don’t know they’re zombies.
    the mindless, ravening braindead hordes who follow their little football teams, drive their little cars to their little jobs and live in their little homes, never stepping out of line, never questioning the status quo or causing any sort of inconvenient scene, as your government ravages and pillages innocent people ( in your name, it’s your government ) every day?
    But it not your governments who call the shots, it’s the companies and corporations who fund them.
    but you people don’t care because – zombies.

  11. The GFC is going to have to hit a lot harder and for a lot longer for you to get a revolution going, MsAnne.

  12. read the newspaper. I’m in with a real fucking chance, here.

  13. ^10 is so true.

  14. I like your optimism, MsAnne but I just can’t see it happening, certainly not down here in the antipodes

  15. ^give it time. these things don’t happen overnight.
    They happen when the idea has been around so long, it’s like everyone can co-opt it it as though it was a concept that they’d arrived at independently.

  16. ^ It has merit. The other week, a local Christian radio station was debating the immorality of the dole and other communal services funded by taxation. It seems that they agree that citizens should not have to pay for something they will probably never use but have no choice over. If the fucking Christians are getting on board with some of these concepts, ANYTHING is possible.

  17. ^you’re saying that the christians are getting onboard with being tight-fisted, money-grubbing, uncharitable fuckwads?

    I don’t think that is what ‘christian’ means. also;- not really a step in the right direction.

  18. Why not? Elementary economics teaches us that you will have more of anything that you subsidise. And poverty / welfare will never be “solved” whilst a bunch of bureaucrats keep themselves in a job by perpetuating the poverty cycle. This is why they insert short-lived, reactive programs to deal with poverty and employment issues instead of introducing long-term proactive solutions. Privatise that shit and pay the charities/NGOs for their contracts based on sustainable outcomes, and watch how quickly these problems are overcome.

    The smaller our governments become by eliminating underperforming departments one by one, the quicker people will realise that the government is fucking useless and we don’t. actually. need. it.

    Re: the tight-fisted Christians, you’re probably right to a certain extent, however I truly believe that many of them would do what they were discussing on the radio: donate more to individual charities that THEY believed in, in place of a forced tax for welfare.

    Let’s say that you currently pay $18,000 a year in income tax. Wouldn’t you prefer to be in control of where that money goes? YOU fucking worked for it, so if you want to contribute half of it to Indigenous housing and employment programs, and half of it to hookers and beer, that should be your prerogative.

  19. You’re cynical about government agenda but not that of private corporations?

    It just wouldn’t work. You and your cirle of family and friends may be socially responsible, charitable people but I guarantee the majority of the population would only donate (or pay tax) towards those areas that benefit themselves. And once again, the rich get richer etc. etc.

    Your christians for example, would much prefer that their money went solely to helping christian poor.

  20. Any system definitely has flaws whilst it relies on humans to share resources, but I believe that a free market approach would be infinitely more efficient than the current bureaucratic system.

  21. so, who is to stop the greedy bastards who are currently eating most of the pie, to just fucking eat all of it?

    isn’t a major point of faceless, emotionless bureaucracy to act as system of balances against the nepotism and cronyism that would inevitably rule?

    any system is doomed to failure because humanity consists of too many greedy sociopaths.

  22. Ok, if I understand this right, it doesn’t fucking matter if the greedy bastards eat most of the pie, they’re just going to buy another one because they fucking can, anyways…if the 1 percent people keep bitching about not having enough fucking pie, the 99 are going to keep baking it, what difference does it make how much pie they make? Rich people STILL get to eat, poor people still spend their money on drugs, gambling and shitty cars..instead of food.

  23. eat the rich.

  24. eat the stupid

  25. eat the greedy.

  26. Eat Meat. Curtains.

  27. eat the zombies…THAT’l fucking teach ’em not to bite!

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